Sirlei Hansen

Born and based in Brazil, Sirlei Hansen graduated with a degree in Visual Arts at UFRGS in Porto Alegre.

Although she works in various mediums, painting remains her greatest passion. She explains: “The need to preserve nature, as well as the importance of environmental awareness, harmony and contact with nature itself, is my motivation. Nothing exceeds all: everything interacts and attracts.

Once we are in constant contact with nature, creativity flows delightfully and is what makes life worth living in its essence. Simplicity is also important in art, hence the use of rich colours, shapes, textures, movements, lines, light and shadow improve one’s imagination and visualisation.

What is by chance, becomes valuable; colours make sound and paintings become live by letting yourself be carried intuitively as well as emotionally. It is what is is: life and painting mixed up. Nature’s symbiosis dictates what I need to express myself through painting. Mother Nature is dying all over, therefore I invite the viewer to experience my works for a rejuvenation and to restart the cycle within ourselves and nature”.

Hansen has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Brazil, Argentina and France.