RosaCristina is a collaboration between Justin Smith and Sonia Janin, which looks at the ideas surrounding a sense of place and identity, through multidisciplinary approaches to body / space ecologies.

Elaborating further, they note that “the idea of space is explored in its multidimensionality:
a) as a performative place of dialogue, where the body is both subjected to, and transformed by, physical experience (cosmos) and as an object shaping a place (ecology);

b) simultaneously as a historical, political and social space where personal history, movement of people and traditions and rituals intersect to define the self and our notion of personal and collective identity”.

Currently based in Andalusia, Spain, they recently completed a year-long exploration of the littoral both as a geographic and a narrative space.

From the series Les Noces, 2017.
From the series Les Noces, 2017.
I am fearful when I see people substituting fear for reason, 2017.