Marie ÅkerlundMarie ÅkerlundMarie ÅkerlundMarie ÅkerlundMarie Åkerlund

Marie Åkerlund

Marie Åkerlund is a Swedish artist who focuses on painting, drawing and portraiture. Her subtle compositions revolve around the fragile, ethereal and essential notion of inspiration, whether that comes in the guise of despair, desire, happiness or hope.

She elaborates: “The soulful aspect of my work is the result of the different feelings I aim to convey, and the varied mediums I am able to employ. First and foremost acrylics, but also watercolours, graphite and coloured pencils in order to achieve my desired result.

I paint what I call “inspirational paintings” but also photo-realistic paintings, drawings and portraits, and I get my inspiration from music, nature, life and injustices in society. Whatever I am painting, I want it to be full of a true sense of life, so that people can see the soul within.”

Åkerlund has worked as a full-time artist since 2013, and is also a designer for a well-known glassworks in Sweden.

Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USA, and is held in the European Art Museum’s private collection in Denmark.