Laurence Wood

British painter and professor Laurence Wood is currently living and working in Hong Kong. A finalist in the 2014 Arte Laguna Prize, his recent exhibitions include Choice Emblems, a solo show at Lacey Contemporary Gallery in London, and Mysticism in Landscape at Nadine Fine Art SE Asia in Kuala Lumpur.

He says: “My recent works use gestural marks and colour saturation combined with cubistic space construction and thematic, emblematic, surrealistic figuration. I experiment with how these can co-exist in a painting to create new and original expressive impact, opportunities and visual experiences, and layer upon layer of poetic potential and complex meaning.

The co-existence of such counterparts in the paintings reflect and symbolise my responses to a range of co-existing and often competing and conflicting elements of our world and our understanding of it. From love poems to global terrorism my work also explores trans-cultural experiences and how the current co-exists and re-forms with previous cultural memory and expression to make something new and unique. There is often a contradictory sense of stillness and movement in my work – a capturing of the tension of the transient and the eternal in one.”