Katia Lyubavskaya

Katia Lyubavskaya is a Moscow-based artist who uses hyperreal colour palettes and surreal compositions to question the saturated world of post-truth. Playful sculptures imply a utopian space built upon altered realities.

On the use of synthetic hair, the artist finds the material one the “unites all objects and symbolises femininity through its strength and magic. The same way as the power of words is used to distort facts in media, I use the power of hair, an archetype, lying deep within the subconscious, to manipulate the perception.

This literally soft, anti-monumental material revives objects so that you want to touch them. In the digital era, I think the subject of tangibility is more relevant than ever.”

Bubble Gum. Matte glass ball and pink synthetic hair, 600mm x 200mm.
Perfect Temperature. Brass water tap, acrylic and synthetic hair, 320mm x 190mm.
Dessert? Paraffin and synthetic hair, 300mm x 200mm.
Baby Cream. Gypsum, acrylic, lacquer and synthetic hair, 240mm x 30mm.