Kathryn GlowenKathryn Glowen

Kathryn Glowen

A sense of order, structure and control pervades Kathryn Glowen’s relief collages and assemblage-surfaced sculptures. Her handling of fragmented objects, textures and detritus in the work invites closer inspection. Her themes can be playful and humorous, yet edgy and political.

Glowen has participated in numerous solo museum and university exhibitions in the USA. Her mixed media and installation work has been displayed in museums and is held in public and private collections. Petland, a large-scale, multiple installation project of household belongings, photos and other items circa 1900-1940, travelled to 14 venues over nine years.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

Heads & Tails.
Salish Sea. Photo: Ron Glowen.