Julijana Ravbar

Slovenia-based Julijana Ravbar is an internationally known abstract artist. Through the use of bold colour, light and texture, she invites the viewer to see an optimistic world expressed through the power of shapes and tones, rather than pictures or words.

She notes that her work is “an abstract reflection of what is within my heart and soul. I seek to bring energy and movement to the canvas.”

Ravbar’s paintings are purchased and displayed in private collections around the world.

To watch a video of Julijana Ravbar’s work, click here.

Into the Mystic, 2016. Acrylic painting, 120cm x 60cm.
Passage Into Midnight, 2018. Acrylic painting, 100cm x 100cm.
Above & Beyond, 2016. Acrylic painting, 100cm x 100cm.
Julijana Ravbar at work, 2017.
Into Eternity, 2018. Acrylic painting, 120cm x 80cm.