Julia Aurora Guzmán

Amsterdam-based Dominican artist Julia Aurora Guzmán utilises mixed media to create sculptures and installations that play with scale and the audience’s perception.

The work ignites an imagination within spaces through the phenomenology of immensity. Guzmán creates active and conscious relationships between human, architectural and sculptural bodies.

The compositions are constructed to settle between the material’s logic and hers, balancing the industrial with the handcrafted through the aesthetics of geometry and tensegrity.

Guzmán’s most recent solo exhibition How to Stand was in March at Mamey Galería in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. To view a video of the exhibition, click here.

1. How to Stand column series, 2017. Acrylic mesh, Duracal, fabric, plastic, wood and thread, variable dimensions.
2. Siamese Columns, 2017. Acrylic mesh, Duracal, fabric, wood and thread, 51in x 10in x 30in.
3. La Abrazadora, 2017. Metal, 56.75in x 5in x 13in.
4. How to Stand exhibition view.
5. Cascada de Campo, 2017. Metal, Plexiglass, coral stone and acrylic paint, 52.75in x 17in x 13in.
6. Detail of Cascada de Campo.
7. How to Stand exhibition view.
8. Holded: Coral, yet to be identified, found in Samaná Bay, Dominican Republic, 2016. MDF, steel, paint and coral, 51in x 16in x 14.5in.
9. Absent in a Spiral, 2017. Metal, Mahogany wood and coral stone, 42in x 26.5in x 33.25in.
10. Holder, 2016. Metal, coral stone and wax, 12in x 3in x 6in.