Ioana VrabieIoana Vrabie

Ioana Vrabie

Through her romantic and conceptual analogue photographs, Transylvanian artist Ioana Vrabie invites the viewer to slow down, question, contemplate and accept the calm restlessness of life and achieve a heightened state of awareness. She believes that the inherent beauty of the reality we live in does not need retouching.

Art critic Lorenzo Belenguer calls Vrabie’s analogue photography “romantic conceptualism.”

Roots Of Humanity. Ubud, Bali 2015. Analogue double exposure.
Between Earth and Sky. Beachy Head, UK, 2013. Analogue double exposure.
Lotus: From Mud to Flower. Ubud, Bali, 2014. Analogue triple exposure.
Outside In. Florence, 2015. Analogue double exposure.
Pining. Lucca, Italy 2013. Analogue double exposure.
Relativity of Time And Space. Ha Noi, Vietnam, 2014. Analogue triple exposure.
Skywalking. Bali, 2014. Analogue double exposure.