Helga Dorothea

Helga Dorothea is a film director and visual artist whose work involves music videos, experimental short films and projected installations.

She works with both analogue and digital media, with a particular affection for handmade textures, visual illusions, personal histories and the interplay between the natural and the mechanical.

Combining found images with her own footage, she creates short films that are situated somewhere between naive dreamscape and psychosocial commentary. Dorothea’s current film practice explores aspects of performativity through a playful sense of the art of illusion.

To watch the films of Helga Dorothea, click here.

1. Still from Amma mín.
2. Stills from Weight of a Nation.
3. Stills from Weight of a Nation.
4. Stills from Weight of a Nation.
5. Still from Falling.
6. Still from Even Here Even Now.