Hannah Mooney

Highly acclaimed Irish artist Hannah Mooney sensitively investigates natural organic forms through landscape and still-life oil painting.

Identity is a key theme in her work; despite being based in Glasgow, Mooney’s Irish heritage informs the deeply expressive, rugged compositions. She explains: “The mood of the Irish landscape is similar to the Scottish landscape. It is unpredictable, often dark, sometimes sullen, troubled, and mysterious. Most importantly, painting the landscape has brought me closer to nature and respectful of its strength, energy and beauty”.

Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2017, she has been awarded the Royal Scottish Academy Landscape Drawing Prize, the James Nicol McBroom Memorial Prize, the Armour Prize, the Glasgow Print Studio Publication Prize and most recently the Hottinger Award for Excellence.

In 2018 she looks forward to working in Florence, under the Royal Scottish Academy John-Kinross scholarship.

Study of a Tree in Wind, 2017. Oil on board, 15cm x 12cm.
Study of a Tree, 2017. Oil on board, 15.5cm x 12.5cm.
Evening, 2015. Gouache on board, 13.5cm x 14.5cm.