Eleni Tsamadia

Based in Athens, Eleni Tsamadia addresses complex ideas through performance, video, sculpture and installation. Her latest work investigate how the body can be transformed through emotion and sentiment. Jump in the Line uses alienated human-like figures to represent silent forms of failure and desire.

Tsamadia’s video piece Sacrifactory is a life cycle of an abstract life form recollected from the artist’s memory. She explains: “On the background is a three-dimensional pattern made from typical crochet that in Greece we recently inherit from our grandmothers. This combination of images under the title Sacrifactory suggests that the compulsion of someone to foresee an end, inescapably sacrifices their unique human experience. Since such anxiety brings us to the position of recollecting random memories to complete this, final, unseen yet image.”

This video piece uses real footage and scanned images, and can be viewed here.