Anton Hoeger

Anton Hoeger’s paintings offer a realist apolitical stance, rejecting satire as a reading and instead focusing on inventive narratives and avant-garde composition.

Looking at the importance of environment and observation, each piece encounters a meeting point between humanity and the spaces that surround us.

Up next for the artist will be a group exhibition at Rovinj Heritage Museum and in 2019 a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik.

1. In Lovely Blueness. Oil on panel, 150cm x 150cm.
2. Stickfighter. Oil on panel 169.4cm x 124.2cm.
3. Territorium. Oil on Linen. 90cm x 215cm.
4. Guardians. Oil on Linen 90cm x 200cm.
5. Cain. Oil on Linen 90cm x 200cm.