Andrew Flint ShipmanAndrew Flint Shipman

Andrew Flint Shipman

An upbringing in the theatre world has influenced the mystic symbolist work of Andrew Flint Shipman. He paints what he hopes are positive icons, using the power of colour and symbolism of objects to restore balance and encourage the viewer to look beyond the veil of the physical that surrounds and often swamps us.

Images from his work are used for the ‘Useable & Wearable Art’ of Andrew Flint Design. From table mats to trivets, scented Candles to T-shirts, all of his pieces are made in the UK. He is currently working on a small selection of limited-edition giclée prints.

Shipman has exhibited throughout Europe and the USA. He will exhibit new works at 54 The Gallery in London.

Paintings of the Wyrd
54 The Gallery
Shepherds Market
Mayfair, London W1J 7OX
11-24 September

Dancing on the Edge of the Void.
A taste of Passion.