Aliette Bretel

Aliette Bretel is a Cambridge-based Peruvian photographer and visual artist. She is a graduate of El Centro de la Imagen in Lima.

She notes: “From the beginning, my work has been defined by a strong reference to memory, the past and the passage of time. My creative process always passes through an analytical filter that gives me a bigger understanding of what I want to communicate, and helps me to find the appropriate format to develop and display my projects.”

The works shown here span the breadth of her approach, as seen in works from the Desaguadero, Plastic Woman, Calma and Transition series.

Bretel’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions and art fairs in Buenos Aires, Lima, Ankara, Cambridge and London.

1. ST 1. From the Desaguadero series.
2. Untitled. From the Plastic Woman series.
3. Day 1 Negative. From the Calma series.
4. Day 1 Positive. From the Calma series.
5. Waiting Room. From the Transition series.