Aili Vint

Aili Vint’s art practice is inspired by water and spans VR and digital light installations, as well as paintings and digital collages.

She notes: “My concept is to create a perception of a new reality, one that is not actually real and notperceivable to the eye. It is intended to be a story of the sea as a living entity.”

Sunset. Gouache painting. Touch of the Sun. Digital collage.
Mourning. Gouache painting. The Prime Force. Digital collage.
After the storm. Oil painting.
Enticing Tenderness. Gouache painting. Quiet Again. Digital collage. Orchid – The Soul of the Sea. Digital collage.
The Sea After a Storm. Oil painting.
After the Rain. Oil painting.
Moment. Gouache painting. Catastrophe 1967. Digital collage.
Stony sea. Oil painting.