New Artists: May 2018

New Artists: May 2018

May’s selection of practitioners delves into the changing nature of photography and the democratisation of the landscape. Projecting the human psyche onto urban and organic environments, each artist reconsiders the austerity of the land and captures a singular moment in time.

Thomas Jordan (@tamejawdin)

Jordan is an American photographer living and working in Illinois. The artist finds inspiration in the Northwest Chicago suburbs, looking for moments of clarity amongst urban landscapes. Jordan finds a pathway to exploring past emotions through present-day detail. In The Fixed Path he explores the art of long exposure photography, incorporating dream-like atmospheres based on actual suppressed ideas. Interpreting the human condition through feelings of love, anxiety and fear, Jordan interprets abstraction through tangible, cinematic compositions.

Ingun Fosli (@ingunfosli) 

Oslo-based Fosli captures an interest in art, architecture and design across a wider photographic survey of the everyday. Fosli seeks out the overlooked details from the contemporary landscape – revelling in line, shape, angle and texture. Each composition is enriched by angular shadows, creating depth through low suns and passing nights. Fosli’s practice is built upon elements of postproduction: cropping images focuses the viewer into a specific microcosm. Through editing, Fosli is able to hone in on the aesthetics of filtering, drawing a concrete line between a singular moment and an unravelling timeline of events.

Joachim Hildebrand 

Joachim Hildebrand studied Fine Art Photography in Madrid amongst Elger Esser and Martin Parr, amongst others. Having exhibited internationally, his latest series saw the artist travel through the seven states of the American Southwest, taking a visual journey through myth and reality. Where the wilderness has been displaced by civilisation, Hildebrand discovers entirely different scenes than those generally associated with the American frontier. Looking at blurred contours, contradictions, borders and transitions, he deconstructs iconographies from contemporary Americana.

Valentina Loffredo (@thatsvalis)

Loffredo is an Italian artist based in Hong Kong. Her latest series, Stillness, draws a parallel between our life and a seascape, observing what happens after a sudden and unexpected storm. In each of her uncanny compositions, negative space is wholly metaphoric. The sea represents the constant flow of time, with the brightly coloured buoys representing our values and essence as individuals. Loffredo’s work highlights an intersection between defining moments of humanity and the groundwork for universal understanding. Each image relies upon pastel shorelines and anonymous figures to build upon the idea of possibility.

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1. All images courtesy of the artists.

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