New Artists: February 2018

Inspiration can come from a myriad of places, but the world around us – with its various topographies, colours and shapes – is an endless source of idea generation for this month’s picks. A unique and imaginative selection of photographers take a journey to explore the self through the landscape, building upon psychological tropes and emotions embedded within society.

Adrienne Raquel (@adrienneraquel)

Raquel is a photographer and art director based in New York. Inspired by femininity, summer vibes and tropical motifs, her work is playful and vibrant, whilst communicating a sense of hazy nostalgia. A distinct use of muted pastels and warmer tones render each image as a rich, complex and emotive vignette.  As the artist notes: “I have a growing obsession with the colour pink. It possesses so many alternative meanings. In psychology, it symbolises a sense of how and ultimately brings forth comforting feelings that assure emotional energy.”

Branko Goncalves (@brankogoncalves)

Goncalves is a 26-year-old photographer from Mar del Plata, Argentina. Enjoying the documentation of objects and landscapes, the artist first bought a DSLR 3 years ago and has since been experimenting with composition and representation. Finding beauty in simplicity, the photographs use the IG platform as a way of connecting with other practitioners, finding inspiration within the digital realm and building upon everyday image-making as a reflective medium. Utilising a bleached pastel palette, he draws attention to the gentle nature of plant matter, streets, houses and skylines.

Luca Tombolini (@lucatombolini)

Since 2011, self-taught photographer Luca Tombolini has been drum scanning and printing on large-scale prints, creating landscapes and real-life scenes from long solo trips in remote areas. Travelling for long period of time is part of a wider process that allows for a simpler state of mind away from today’s fast-paced culture. Each image allows emotions and individual vision to guide the production of large-format images, creating a slow and meditative practice. Seeking a connection with the land, each composition communicates majesty and spirituality. He notes: “What I’m seeking in the landscape becomes a mirror of what my ‘self’ might be.”

Victoria García Castañeda (@vickitrullie)

Castañeda, a 26-year-old artist who finds inspiration in the whimsical imagination of Wes Anderson. Based on the discovery of the environment, the artist sheds light on everyday elements that are sometimes lost within the speed and motion of the anthropocene. Delving into the importance of composition and angle, a window can be translated into a microcosmic world of possibility that is an endearing vision of utopia. She notes: “I like to discover simple things, elements that we do not always appreciate and give them their own space where they have a new opportunity – a  striking identity, adequate proportion, better position and symmetry.”

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1. All images courtesy of the artists.