Marina Abramović: Conceptual Movement

As one of the central figures in performance art, using her own body as a primary material for more than 50 years, Marina Abramović needs little introduction. For the latest retrospective of a pioneering career, and its contribution to raising the status of performance art to having parity with other art forms, the Louisiana takes up the challenge of approaching this major figure by considering the theme of cleansing – the acts of catharsis, purging and transformation which are realised in Abramović’s works through using tools as diverse as fire, soapy water, screaming, time and silence.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk. 17 June – 22 October. For more information:

1. Marina Abramović, Rhythm 5, Performance, 90 Minutes, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade, 1974. © Marina Abramović.
Photo: Nebojsa Cankovic. Courtesy of the Marina Abramović Archives.