Laura Pannack: Young British Naturists, Leeds

Beginning 17 July, award-winning photographer, Laura Pannack opens Young British Naturists at White Cloth Gallery. Exhibiting a series of photos from a project that spanned three years, she gained access to the world of young naturists in Britain today. The concluding images uncover this relatively unknown aspect of society and examine their everyday activities.

Running until 24 September, the works explore nakedness as more than just a state and also a concept. In the UK, nudity of any kind is usually reserved for the private realm and often met with coyness or embarrassment. However, Pannack takes in the surrounding landscape as well as the unclothed body. Within a setting the nakedness almost becomes entirely irrelevant and stands as a mark of strength and resolve.

Curated by Rhiannon Adam, Young British Naturists captures young people going about their daily activities. Some of those photographed by Pannack are open about their naturist activities; for others it’s an act that they keep from friends, family and colleagues. A selection of the individuals have grown up with naturism and others have not. What unites all of those photographed is that they feel more comfortable naked than clothed. With the removal of clothes, all signs of wealth, character type and status disappear, leaving for genuine character and individuality to direct the images.

Young British Naturists, 17 July – 24 September, White Cloth Gallery, 26 Aire Street, LS1 4HT, Leeds.

Images courtesy of White Cloth Gallery and Laura Pannack.