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Vivid Expressions

Patricia Abramovich’s paintings, textile design and wearable art are inspired by the merging of colour and the rhythms of a meditative process of painting.

Responsive Projects

The four buildings shortlisted for the RIBA International Prize 2018 combine visionary design with an educational and ecological focus.

Chronicling History

Vestiges d’empire by Thomas Jorion documents buildings in the former French colonies, shedding light on their poignant, deeply human histories. 

5 to See: This Weekend

International awards, photography festivals and solo shows looks to national and personal identities through photography and architecture.

Renewed Spaces

The result of a five-year renovation project by Sanders Architect, the new Nationalmuseum – Swedish Museum of Fine Arts and Design, opens.

Reinventing Classicism

Dubai-based fair Downtown Design returns for 2018, celebrating contemporary ranges by brands from the Middle East and beyond.

Personal Reflections

Hannah Perry’s works – on view at Somerset House – engage with the poignant human experience of loss through a range of disciplines.

Global Connections

Gail Albert Halaban’s Out My Window comprises carefully staged images, blurring the lines between public and private, reality and fantasy.

Heightened Scenes

David Stewart’s Paid Content highlights notions of disconnection and media saturation in the 21st century, offering carefully constructed scenes.

Vivid Realism

Through a bold use of colour and a strong flash, Lars Tunbjörk captured striking everyday observations of an increasingly globalised world. 

Desolate Environments

Henri Prestes is a Portuguese cinematographer and photographer based in southern Europe. The Perfect Darkness series was shot in isolated villages.

5 Museum Buildings

Striking, innovative and conceptually rich, this selection of cultural institutions combines form and function to offer dynamic settings.

Interior Narratives

A new series by Marietta Varga engages with feelings of absence and nostalgia, looking to vacant interior spaces for inspiration.

An Influential Collection

Between Art & Fashion at Helmut Newton Foundation paints a picture of a life spent living at the intersection of fine art and high fashion.

Bold Architecture

A new publication from Phaidon offers a groundbreaking survey of the colour red in the built environment through bright imagery.

Constructed Symbols

Anja Niemi’s collection questions notions of gender and conformity, forming part of an ongoing investigation into the self and its limits. 

Visualising History

A collection of images looks to the vast Australian landscape to express poignant human narratives, cultural history and environmental awareness.

Information Systems

2016 Aesthetica Art Prize winner Rachel Ara presents a talk on her practice, V&A residency research and response to the museum’s data.

5 to See: This Weekend

Moving into October, selected shows expand the boundaries of art and photography to address wider social, political and psychological questions.

Visions of Reality

Alec Soth returns with Niagara, a stark series documenting the expectations and realities of human relationships in the 21st century.