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Revisiting America

Looking to the past in order to to reflect upon the present, a new photobook by Matt Henry offers a revealing series of compositions.

Transitory Locales

Investigating spaces of transition, Ursula Schulz-Dornburg’s oeuvre documents borders and cultural sites to explore lost utopias.

Profiling Innovation

A new book by Libby Sellers, Women Design, profiles 21 pioneers who have shaped the design world over the past 100 years, redressing the gender balance.

Curating Experiences

Pioneering in its extent of research, a new book from Phaidon presents a concentrated and intriguing overview of architectural exhibitions.

Chronicling Globalisation

A show demonstrates how photography and video can be used as tools for both documentation and social discourse.

5 to See: This Weekend

From documentary realism to uncanny compositions, photography shows running 23-24 June engage with diverse aspects of daily life.

Exploring Surrealism

Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain is the first exhibition to track the photographer’s engagement with the movement.

The New York Years

Depicting optimism and honesty, Feinstein’s street photography from the latter half of the century continues to delight and inspire.

Expanding Definitions

In a growing digital landscape, the boundaries of photography are constantly required to evolve. PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai explores this notion.

Representations of Identity

A new publication by Katrin Tiidenberg looks at the social, technological and cultural contexts of the 21st century selfie phenomenon.

Recovering Truth

An honest representation of joy and community spirit erupts from Shirley Baker’s images, which document the effects of urban clearance programmes in Manchester during the 1960s.

10 to See: Summer Shows

This summer’s must-see solo exhibitions, group shows and biennales demonstrate the UK’s dynamic artistic landscape.

Visionary Realism

The first UK retrospective of work by American photographer Dorothea Lange opens at Barbican Centre, London, this summer.

Chromatic Portraits

Jacques Henri Lartigue: Life in Color offers personal insight into the photographer’s wider oeuvre and the vividness of the world.

Abstracted Urbanity

An interest in colour, shape and light defines Franco Fontana’s practice, investigating the possibilities of photography.

New Worlds

Constructing a series of neon utopias, Reine Paradis’ surreal images celebrate the perplexities of the contemporary Los Angeles landscape.

Historical Devices

Mark Wallinger’s recently opened public artwork reflects upon notions of justice and democracy, offering an immersive experience.

Diverse Arenas

Bringing together London’s leading galleries, Mayfair Art Weekend celebrates the diversity of London’s artistic landscape.

Reflecting the Present

As part of arts festival Rockaway!, Museum of Modern Art presents Yayoi Kusama’s site-specific installation of Narcissus Garden.

Urban Anonymity

Delving into the formal structure of the built environment, Michael Wolf’s practice uncovers the complexities of life in the metropolis.

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