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Uncanny Landscapes

Monica Alcazar-Duarte’s The New Colonists, winner of the Bar Tur Photobook Award, presents an otherworldly quotidian.

Symbiotic Expansion

Glenstone Museum’s extension will continue the gallery’s aim to seamlessly blend its structure into the natural landscape.

Contemplative Landscapes

Tamara Piilola paints large canvases that depict imaginary landscapes. We speak with the Finnish artist about the inspiration and process behind her work.

Progressive Excellence

Fostering new talent, Photo Vogue Festival creates an arena within which a new generation of photographers are able to develop.

5 to See: This Weekend

The selection for 18-19 November delves into the concept of the every day, illuminating aspects of the quotidian in unexpected ways.

Chromatic Journeys

Spanning six decades and a variety of locales, and exhibition takes Raymond Depardon’s working relationship with colour as its focus.

Abstracted Contemplation

Uwe Langmann’s serene yet uncanny compositions feature abstracted architectural forms that emerge from featureless backdrops.

Limitless Refraction

Yayoi Kusama’s simultaneously hypnotic and disorientating Infinity Mirror Rooms explore notions of endless, repetitive space.

Elegiac Sequences

Gabriela Torres Ruiz captures the phenomenon of silence through a juxtaposition of landscapes and deserted structures.

Sculptural Illuminations

Creating three-dimensional illusions with light, the works of Anthony McCall play with notions of materiality and space.

Seminal Installations

At YSP, Wakefield, the Underground Gallery and its external concourse are entirely re-characterised by Alfredo Jaar’s seminal installations.

Striking Elegance

The iconic fashion photography of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin is shown side by side at Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin.

Constructive Participation

Collaborative architectural duo Matt + Fiona promote creativity in communities through a new commission.

Visualising Protest

As part of Photo Vogue Festival, Fashion & Politics in Vogue Italia at BASE Milano explores how fashion photography engages with subjects such as gender…

Transforming Societies

Contemporary Art Qatar is the largest showcase of work from the region, reflecting the ever-changing social environment of the locale.

Silent Landscapes

Images created in response to the landscapes and cultures of the Scottish isles explore notions of solitude, nature and silence.

Fabricated Space

James Casebere combines intricately built scale models and complex lighting to create highly stylised environments.

Polychromatic Environments

Pipilotti Rist creates kaleidoscopic multimedia environments investigating how the natural world and the body interlace with the digital age.

Cinematic Narratives

Elizaveta Porodina’s cinematic images invite the viewer to imagine narratives extending beyond the confines of composition.

New Artists: October 2017

Our picks for October are a reflection on the environment as spectacle, with ordinary structures transformed into a visual playground of colour.

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