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Visionary Altitudes

Jeffrey Milstein’s aerial photographs provide new perspectives on the urban landscape through geometry, colour and form.

Uncanny Interiors

Ann Shelton’s body of work occupies the space between documentary and conceptual photography, investigating collective histories.

Contemporary Assertions

This Synthetic Moment brings together a diverse selection of artists using photography as a means to assert a strong sense of identity.

New Contemporaries: Vibrant Approaches

In an accelerating landscape, fresh ways of understanding the world become important. Bloomberg New Contemporaries offers insight.

Uninhabited Meaning

Gerry Johansson’s images are devoid of human presence, yet reflect the lives of individuals in fresh and revealing ways.

Cultural Possibilities

A new exhibition questions how India’s past, present and future are represented from a female perspective.

Exhibitions of Change

YSP has consistently positioned itself within the arena of creative social change, a notion continued in a collection that, quite simply, makes a difference.

Uncovering Realities

Conceptual artist He Xiangyu’s recent film, The Swim, captures the uncanny truths of the practitioner’s childhood home.

Complex Representations

In an age of gratuitous image editing and fake news, it is hard to distinguish artificiality from reality. Alex Prager investigates this confusion.

Institutional Deception

A site-specific installation by Christopher Page transforms the gallery space through a series of illusions.

Transcendental Meanings

Visionary artist Gordon Parks gave a voice to the under-represented through photography, words and music.

Interconnected Disciplines

Theo Simpson combines materials, processes and technologies from the past and present to open up fresh dialogues.

MACK: Curated Perceptions

The way society consumes information is shifting. MACK foregrounds the enduring conceptual importance and materiality of their volumes.

Abstracted Ideals

Valérie Belin is interested in artificiality and reality, questioning the construction of ideals by abstracting the human form.

Artist News

Jane Gottlieb (her work was shown in the April/May 2017 issue) has a solo show at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Confined Representations

Notions of incarceration impact individuals on a global scale. Prison Nation, a new exhibition at Aperture Foundation, examines the relationship between art and imprisonment, investigating…

Constructed Information

Public museums are cathedrals of knowledge. Jason Larkin highlights the visual presentation of war and conflict in such institutions.

5 to See: This Weekend

Façades are designed to conceal hidden realities. Exhibitions running 13-14 January construct and dissect exteriors to investigate such illusions.

Effervescent Twilight

Brassaï’s evocative body of work examines daily life in Paris. His images of the nocturnal landscape make meaningful use of light.

Expansive Visions

White Cube showcases Andreas Gursky’s Rückblick. The artist’s monumental photographic work critically examines the impact of capitalism.

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