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Developing Methodologies

German photographer Michael Wolf’s first complete photographic series goes on display at Flowers Gallery, London.

Redressing the Balance

The arts industry, like any other, still carries a certain amount of imbalance. Ahead of Future Now, Amira Gad, Serpentine Gallery, looks directly at the issue.

Architectural Innovation

The design for the new National Museum of Qatar by Jean Nouvel is inspired by the desert rose, featuring a series of interlocking discs.

Evolving Art Forms

The digital age has changed our perceptions of physical space. Leading practitioners swap traditional media for the language of technology .

An Investigative Process

Trevor Paglen’s practice reflects on surveillance, shedding light on state operations whilst engaging with its impact on everyday life.

Ask The Artist

Ben Dobson (his work appears in the current issue) co-organised the SciArt Exhibition at the world-renowned Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge. We ask him about his highly detailed work.

Inner Dialogues

A solo show of works by Trine Søndergaard at Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, offers dialogues between past and present.

Poignant Histories

Daniel Alexander’s series, examines the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, considering its enduring legacy.

Material Inspiration

Hand-cut line by line, Jukhee Kwon’s Babel Library is created from disposed editions of Encyclopedia Britannica. Transforming whole objects into another through deconstruction, brings them back to life…

Exploring Solitude

The vastness of the Scandinavian landscape is highlighted in Norway Contemporary! currently on show at Museum Kunst der Westküste.

Structural Dialogues

Work by Guido Guidi examines the geometric structure of the built environment through an abstracted visions of colour and form.

The Responsive Lens

Barbican Centre runs concurrent exhibitions of work by documentary photographer Dorothea Lange and British artist Vanessa Winship.

Bold Environments

Known for a bold and playful use of colour and form, graphic artist Camille Walala creates interactive installations and large-scale murals.

Emotional Theatricality

Encompassing 40 photographs, Silver Lake Drive is a major new exhibition that marks the first mid-career survey of Alex Prager at The Photographers’ Gallery.

Temporal Documents

Set against the backdrop of rural Japan, Carine Thévenau’s series documents the structural ephemera of empty playgrounds in winter.

Future Now: Idea Generation

It is less than a month to go until the Future Now Symposium, a two day event which brings together leading arts organisations.

Glaswegian Talent

For the April / May issue of Aesthetica, Sailor Jerry called for artists to submit flash illustrations that reflected the brand. The winners are announced.

Boundless Visions

In Their Own Form brings together photographic and video works exploring a range of Afro-Diasporic experiences.

Preserving Sublimity

Museum of Contemporary Photography considers the ongoing history of National Parks by delving into its photographic archives.

Redressing Physicality

Adelaide Damoah’s practice involves using her body as a “living paintbrush” to paint or print onto various surfaces. Damoah discusses her series.

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