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Abstracted Urbanity

An interest in colour, shape and light defines Franco Fontana’s practice, investigating the possibilities of photography.

New Worlds

Constructing a series of neon utopias, Reine Paradis’ surreal images celebrate the perplexities of the contemporary Los Angeles landscape.

Historical Devices

Mark Wallinger’s recently opened public artwork reflects upon notions of justice and democracy, offering an immersive experience.

Diverse Arenas

Bringing together London’s leading galleries, Mayfair Art Weekend celebrates the diversity of London’s artistic landscape.

Reflecting the Present

As part of arts festival Rockaway!, Museum of Modern Art presents Yayoi Kusama’s site-specific installation of Narcissus Garden.

Urban Anonymity

Delving into the formal structure of the built environment, Michael Wolf’s practice uncovers the complexities of life in the metropolis.

Contemporary Melodrama

Taken between 1974-1976, Langdon Clay’s atmospheric images of cars in New York City capture the aesthetic of an era.

Methodological Practice

Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Sara Morawetz’s latest project, étalon, is a study of both the length and the lengths taken by science.

Akomfrah: Literary Expanses

The first American survey of work by John Akomfrah investigates the legacy of colonialism, climate change and the experiences of migrants.

Inspiring Narrative

Katrina Palmer’s new piece, opening at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, acknowledges a group of pioneering women during WWI.

Unique Perceptions

Using infrared techniques, artist and photographer Sanne De Wilde captures Pingelap and Pohnpei, islands in Micronesia.

Vacant Architecture

Candida Höfer: Portraits of Spaces depicts empty public places, presenting cultural institutions as devoid of human presence.

5 to See: This Weekend

Exploring the interactions between individuals and the 21st century landscape, must-see exhibitions unearth the uncanny in the everyday.

Industrial Visions

Reshaping our understanding of industrial landscapes, David Maisel’s Atlas demonstrates the physical impact of human activities.

Future Greats: Free Events

New media has changed the way we communicate. A series of talks at the Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition contextualise the show,

Spatial Responses

Marco Miehling, winner of the 2017 Artists’ Collecting Society Studio Award, creates site specific, spatially & historically responsive works.

Inclusive Practice

Leslie-Lohman Museum brings together work by 12 emerging photographers who engage with ideas of sexuality, gender, race and ethnicity.

Alternative Viewpoints

Bringing together work by Zoe Wetherall and Ashok Sinha, Front Room Gallery’s Strata investigates the medium of aerial photography.

Global Surveillance

Trevor Paglen: Sites Unseen, a new show opening at Smithsonian, Washington, occupies the boundaries between art, science and investigative journalism.

Constructing Light

In a new exhibition titled Architecture and People, Nederlands Fotomuseum brings Werner Mantz’s architectural and portrait works together.

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