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Cultural Showground

SCOPE Miami Beach is recognised worldwide for its forward-thinking approach and focus on emerging practitioners and galleries. 

Conceptual Wilderness

SF Camerawork builds upon the rich history between the medium and the natural world, displaying fresh perspectives.

Evolving Connections

Anna Mcneil’s practice is based upon narrative ambiguity. She was included in the 2017 Lynn Painters Stainer’s Prize Exhibition. 

Temporal Journeys

Known for their unique use of light, Matthew Rolston’s images transcend their time periods, looking simultaneously backwards and forwards.

Surprising Perspectives

Wuales’ innovative approach to capturing the human form transforms the body in unexpected ways, offering new dialogues.

Unprecedented Arenas

The NGV Triennial provides a platform for innovative practitioners, foregrounding those who engage with new technologies.

Dazera: Unique Craftsmanship

Dazera brings innovative fine jewellers together both online and in exhibitions. Founder Domini Hogg discusses the 2017 exhibition.

Shattered Idylls

Marianna Rothen’s Shadows in Paradise explores notions of selfhood and the gaze in a utopian dreamworld.

Incomplete Landmarks

Amélie Labourdette captures unfinished concrete structures, questioning notions of human history and territories.

Cohesive Timelines

Uniting a gap of 50 years, Magnum Print Room draws a portrait of America through the medium of monochromatic photography.

Playful Temporality

Luciana Pampalone’s black and white images evoke a sense of playful nostalgia, transforming The Peconic Bay, New York, into a 1930s setting.

Transformative Construction

Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum explores the rich architectural scene of Bangladesh, bringing together over 60 projects.

Spatial Journeys

Hans Kotter’s sculptural investigations, on display at Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, explore notions of light, colour and space.

Uncanny Landscapes

Monica Alcazar-Duarte’s The New Colonists, winner of the Bar Tur Photobook Award, presents an otherworldly quotidian.

Symbiotic Expansion

Glenstone Museum’s extension will continue the gallery’s aim to seamlessly blend its structure into the natural landscape.

Contemplative Landscapes

Tamara Piilola paints large canvases that depict imaginary landscapes. We speak with the Finnish artist about the inspiration and process behind her work.

Progressive Excellence

Fostering new talent, Photo Vogue Festival creates an arena within which a new generation of photographers are able to develop.

5 to See: This Weekend

The selection for 18-19 November delves into the concept of the every day, illuminating aspects of the quotidian in unexpected ways.

Chromatic Journeys

Spanning six decades and a variety of locales, and exhibition takes Raymond Depardon’s working relationship with colour as its focus.

Abstracted Contemplation

Uwe Langmann’s serene yet uncanny compositions feature abstracted architectural forms that emerge from featureless backdrops.

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