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Reinventing Iconography

The Diner is a celebration of a uniquely American design trope, evoking the mythology of the great US road trip whilst providing a functional space.

Forgotten Narratives

Surrounded by a tumultuous climate, Turkish-born photographer Fatma Bucak channels her Kurdish history through an exhibition at Fondazione Merz.

Sounding Survival

During the final weekend of New Orleans’ triennial, Prospect 4 will be answered by an unsettling echo from across the Mississippi from Kara Walker.

Pioneering Minimalism

In a fast-paced world, time is valuable. In answer to this, Design Shanghai foregrounds simple and innovative solutions.

Interactive Technologies

A new data-driven artwork by Aesthetica Art Prize artist Henry Driver is showcased as part of Collusion’s Bury St Edmunds project.

Incomparable Humanity

Abbie Trayler-Smith’s After Darkness records the aftermath of conflict in Mosul by documenting the region’s people and places.

The Expressive City

Showcasing the intricacies of architecture alongside contemporary photography, the city is awoken by annual outdoor festival Jaipur Photo.

Evolving Habitats

The fourth edition of Photo London stages the past, present and future of the experimental medium which dominates visual culture.

The Urban Canvas

John Sypal’s Zuisha series is led by the lens, using the camera as tool for creating painterly, automatic compositions.

Deutsche Börse: Meaningful Dissemination

In a culture defined by a continual stream of news, it is easy to become detached. The nominated projects reveal a human perspective.

Duesseldorf Photo: Citywide Visions

New photography festival Duesseldorf Photo 2018​ brings together a multiplicity of exhibitions and events. Expanding the boundaries of the medium, the event explores the past…

Historic Exposures

“I chose to use photography as a time machine.” A new exhibition tracks Hiroshi Sugimoto’s interest in the ancient past.

Defining Topographies

Peter Brown and Joe Holley’s book, Hometown Texas, explores the landscape and inhabitants of the vast region.

Conceptual Elements

Two major works by pioneering video artist Bill Viola investigate the element of water, using it as a metaphor to understand the human condition.

Engineered Narratives

Holden Luntz Gallery’s Constructed Space exhibition features the work of Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus André Lichtenberg.

5 to See: This Weekend

Around 95 million images are shared on Instagram daily. Shows running 17-18 February examine photography’s revolutionary potential.

VR: Redefining Installation

Marking a first in digital public art, striking Virtual Reality drawings made by multidisciplinary artist Nancy Baker Cahill are displayed on the huge digital billboards…

Constructed Vistas

As part of Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, Lausberg Contemporary foregrounds work by David Burdeny, who captures sublime landscapes.

Examinations of Beauty

Juno Calypso invites viewers to become participants in an immersive installation, escaping from reality and into a cyber landscape based on western ideals.

Intimate Processes

Attila Olah is a Liverpool Hope University graduate whose practice revolves around symbolism, manipulating forms and pushing the boundaries of ceramics and ice sculpture.

1 2 3 315