Interview with artist Bijan Rashedi, Washington DC

Washington DC-based artist Bijan Rashedi’s abstract oil paintings have been a great compliment to the sophistication needed for decorating industrial interiors, law firms, private collections and much more. Painting and drawing have always been his biggest true passion and he plans to expand his collection of paintings and have exhibitions in the museums worldwide. Aesthetica spoke to Bijan to find out more.

A: Firstly, can you tell us what your main concerns are in your artwork?

BR: I really like the feeling I get by admiring a true piece of art and the sense of separation from reality by looking at the piece. I try to lose myself into my paintings as I paint them, I guess it is called ‘’losing your ego”. Once in that stage you would see no fear and immaturity in lines and the work itself. Most of us live heavily commercialised lifestyles. My goal is to create a moment that would allow the audience to lose the reality that they are surrounded with and enjoy that moment, whilst being exposed to paintings.

A: What artists have inspired you?

BR: I love Salvador Dali’s work, I remember the first time I was exposed to his art when I owned a book showcasing his pieces. It reminded me of listening to my grandmother’s stories I was casting in my mind, which came to reality right in front of my eyes. His work moves me.

A: Do you work with other artistic forms?

BR: My creative experience and inspiration is incorporated in my drawing and when I play the piano.

A: Are there any particular artists that you would like to collaborate with?

BR: At present, my sole concern is developing upon my own craft and honing my distinctive style. Perhaps in the future I would like to collaborate with certain photographers who work in larger scales in modern art. I feel like it’s a good contrast between the two styles, and would love to hear from anyone interested to work with me. I am open to new ideas.

A: What do you have planned for the future?

BR: Art has always been a part of my life. Painting and drawing are my biggest true passions. I plan to expand my collection of paintings and have exhibitions in the museums worldwide.

See Bijan’s artwork in the current issue of Aesthetica out now

Image: Raw Passion, courtesy Bijan Rashedi