DIY Couture

Rosie Martin
Laurence King

The past five years have been characterised by recession culture. As a society, we have undergone an immense amount of change – the things we buy and the way we spend. The “make do and mend” mentality has certainly been something that has pervaded television, the internet and even publishing.

Rosie Martin’s DIY Couture, subtitled “Create Your Own Fashion Collection” is the latest book to hit the shelves, encouraging consumers to pick up a pair of fabric shears and a few bobbins, plug in the sewing machine and get started. Martin is adamant that anyone can sew and urges readers not to focus too much on perfection.

The text begins with an introduction to basic stitching and eight different collections. Inspired by runway fashion and highstreet trends, the designs are very much of the moment. The clever thing about this book is that Martin claims there are absolutely no patterns required. Throughout each section (based on one of the collections) she guides you through making the garment. It’s a fun approach peppered with experimentation, which is always a good thing.

Shirley Stevenson