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I'm Blue I'm Pink

Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently in our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a gateway to boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought. Below is a selection from the current issue.

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Adriana Poterash

Wandering with a camera, Adriana Poterash collects images of daily life to fuse them into a surreal world of uncommon alliances in her paintings.

Anca Stefanescu

For Bucharest-born Anca Stefanescu, time is a constructed concept and painting is a practice through which she finds a universal connection of life, devoid of context.

Anne Notebaert

Anne Notebaert’s intricate glassware offers a sensory experience that pulls the viewer into the sights and smells of seascapes.

Anne-Marie Giroux

Montréal-based artist Anne-Marie Giroux’s practice focuses on creating conceptual projects through painting, sculpture and installations.

Beata Guzinska

Fashion designer Beata Guzinska is currently based in London, where she launched her latest collection I am off to Dalston.

Ben Dobson

Cambridge-based Ben Dobson explores texture, colour, perspective, light and shade using mineral, vegetable and animal matter prepared with skill for the microscope and camera.

Brett Dyer

The work Brett Dyer combines figures with evocative colours and patterns, revealing the complexity of the human spirit.

Cécile van Hanja

Corsica-born Cécile van Hanja is inspired by modernism, in particular the architecture of Bauhaus and De Stijl.

Christina Galbiati

Through paper and printed word, Christina Galbiati is passionate about emphasising the importance of tangible communication.

Claudia Pombo

Brazilian-Dutch painter Claudia Pombo offers an adapted view of nature and human situations.

David Good

David Good is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer whose work examines the role of the Internet in society.

Dean Rossiter

Dean Rossiter investigates how contradiction can become a vital tool for re-engaging in a modern world.

Elaine Longtemps

Elaine Longtemps’ practice is built upon embedding meaning into the conformation rope can take when forcefully twisted and combined with symbolic colour and the conceptual potential of everyday objects.

Eran Goldfeld

Eran Goldfeld’s current body of work combines abstraction, geometry, architecture and the theme of isolation.

Eric Wiles

Eric Wiles combines fine art and landscape photography to reveal dynamic images of natural beauty and manmade objects.

Fede Saenz

Fede Saenz’s latest series urges the viewer to look past the subject and consider the process of creating an image, pushing the boundaries of what is accepted as the “norm”.

Fei Alexeli

The works of digital artist Fei Alexeli create utopian microcosms that occupy a space between surrealism and the everyday.

Florence Iff

Florence Iff is a Zurich-based artist working with photography; she is interested in what spaces the medium inhabits.

Frea Buckler

Frea Buckler has established herself as a multidisciplinary practitioner who employs an interest in sculpture, wall painting and screen-print.

Galini Scarlatou

Galini Scarlatou is a Greek artist, graphic designer and maker whose jewellery uses electronic devices, creating one-off pieces.

Gary Plummer

Gary Plummer’s work focuses on abstract forms and colours in the landscapes that interest him to create mixed media and collage art.

Gene Chih-Yang Chen

Royal College of Art graduate Gene Chih-Yang Chen works between art and design, adjusting symbols to communicate speculative concepts.

Gevorg Tadevosyan

Armenia-based sculptor Gevorg Tadevosyan is engaged in the creation of bronze sculptures; he believes sculpture is a form of magical art.


Gilles is a designer of humanoids. He published the foundational work Positionism, 15 years in the making, in 2017.

Hanna ten Doornkaat

Hanna ten Doornkaat’s work is an exploration of the possibilities of abstract line drawings in perception and understanding.

Harriet Moutsopoulos

Sydney-based Harriet Moutsopoulos is a collage artist who works under the name Lexicon Love.

Harry Bunce

Harry Bunce’s Sorry… series explores ways of representing the same ambiguous character in various settings within different media.

Hayah Sheps-Avtalion

The photography of Israeli artist Hayah Sheps-Avtalion explores the potential of the medium.

Helene Koch

The work of Helene Koch explores the boundaries between architecture, art and landscape. Inexpensive materials are utilised in the same way as neglected locations in…

Helga Dorothea

Helga Dorothea is a film director and visual artist whose work involves music videos, experimental short films and projected installations.

Henry Rice

Birth? The Pomegranate and the Motherboard is by UK-based photographer Henry Rice.

I’m Blue I’m Pink

I’m Blue I’m Pink is an art direction, set design and photography studio located in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain.

Jalal BinThaneya

Dubai-based photographer Jalal BinThaneya captures the inner workings of the petroleum industry and the fate of desolate gas stations .

Jane Gottlieb

The Californian artist uses her colourist skills to create an idyllic vision by enhancing, collaging and painting her photographs with Photoshop.

Jean Davis

Jean Davis explores the balance between transience, stability and intention in her painting.

Jessie Pitt

Jessie Pitt is an Australian artist based in Austria, whose contemporary landscapes are inspired by mountains, light and shadow.

Josh Bowe

UK-based Josh Bowe’s work represents an ongoing investigation into representation and abstraction.

Julia Aurora Guzmán

Amsterdam-based Dominican artist Julia Aurora Guzmán creates sculptures and installations that play with scale and the audience’s perception.

Julijana Ravbar

Through the use of colour, light and texture, Julijana Ravbar invites the viewer to see an optimistic world expressed through the power of shapes and tones, rather than pictures or words.

Kat Gaidukova

Dubai-based artist Kat Gaidukova challenges the frenetic pace of modern life through portraits that express people’s identities in raw moments that capture emotion and personality.

Katia Lyubavskaya

Katia Lyubavskaya is a Moscow-based artist who uses hyperreal colour palettes and surreal compositions to question the saturated world of post-truth.

Kerry Zacharia

Kerry Zacharia investigates the relationship between the inner and external environments that represent past and present experiences.

Kim Youdan

Artist Kim Youdan creates mixed media work that reflects her global nomadic lifestyle.

Markus Gollner

Photographic and artistic alterations are at the centre of Markus Gollner’s creations; he produces eye-catching, thought-provoking images.

Meng Zhou

At the heart of artist Meng Zhou’s work is a conversation between tradition and modernity.

Mhairi Ballantyne

In her recent artworks, painter Mhairi Ballantyne explores the allure of distant places.

Michele Fletcher

For Michele Fletcher, painting and the garden are sources of refuge and solace, tempered with change and addressing curiosity, impermanence, decay and renewal.

Naomi Yuki

Tokyo-based Naomi Yuki draws from the essence of objects, projecting abstracted styles and emotions onto the canvas as multidimensional
and deeply kinetic forms.

Olena Bogatska

Olena Bogatska’s paintings are a quest to experiment with the canvas; her practice sits somewhere between beauty and imagination.

Peer Christensen

Painter Peer Christensen applies a classical technique to bring a signature luminosity to his subject matter.


Pixi is an illustrator whose figurative works contain multilayered narratives, even though the illustrations rarely portray human figures.

Ronnie Jiang

Medan-born Ronnie Jiang arrived in France in 2013, launching a career built upon fantasy and altered perceptions.


RosaCristina is a collaboration between Justin Smith and Sonia Janin, which looks at the ideas surrounding a sense of place and identity.

Sanja Feratović

Zagreb-based Sanja Feratović is an illustrator and graphic designer, specialises in whimsical pieces that draw from everyday iconographies.

Sheau Ming Song

Sheau Ming Song’s work demonstrates issues of two-dimensional representation and documents the visual possibilities of painting materials.

Sivan Kaufman

Israel-based Sivan Kaufman’s practice is inspired by the spaces within landscapes, investigating the relationship between the environment and individuals.

Stephen Carley

The work of artist Stephen Carley focuses on context, process and materials.

Thomas Zika

Germany-based fine art photographer Thomas Zika works with the medium to reflect upon the conditions of the way we detect reality.

Valentina Loffredo

An Italian artist based in Hong Kong, Valentina Loffredo uses photography to paint a world of beauty and possibility.

Yvonne Jones

Yvonne Jones explores post-human thinking and the body, integrating the inner experience with the outer event.