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Aesthetica Artists' Directory: Current Artists' Profiles

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently in our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a gateway to boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought. Below is a selection from the current issue.

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Agnès Ricart

Agnès Ricart is based in Valencia. Her illustrations and digital art examine feminism and queer culture, as well as contemporary iconography.

Alina Zamanova

Alina Zamanova seeks to question perceivable notions of beauty. In her work she explores the concept of non-stereotypical aesthetics.

Alysia Davis

San Francisco-based Alysia Davis romanticises an apocalyptic future. Her work is imbued with escapism, play and tumultuous colour harmonies.

Anca Stefanescu

Anca Stefanescu’s latest works are part of The Incorruptible Body series; she looks forward to exhibiting at numerous fairs throughout 2018.

Andrew Harris

Andrew Harris’ mythological paintings are created through a combination of observational thought and emotive intuition.

Angela Wakefield

Angela Wakefield’s urban landscapes of New York, London and the north of England have garnered international attention and acclaim.

Anke Bruse

Anke Bruse is a Berlin-based artist and architect who designs graphics and patterns inspired by typical Berlin locations.

Barry Goodman

Barry Goodman originally trained to become an architect; he later looked towards printmaking, which has granted him international acclaim.

Ben Dobson

Ben Dobson explores texture, colour and light using mineral, vegetable and animal matter prepared for the microscope and camera.

Berry Kim

Berry Kim is a Seoul-based visual artist whose detailed illustrations consider the sterotypes of beauty, fashion and luxury brands.

Beth Horner

Beth Horner is a London-based artist whose work navigates the relationship that painting can have with digital interfaces.

Brian Tozer

Brian Tozer works in painting, drawing and photography, to reflect the visual and textural details of portraits, landscapes and daily life.

Cascione & Lusciov

Cascione & Lusciov create fine art pieces by utilising diverse techniques from the worlds of sculpture, design and the craft of goldsmithing.

Charlotte Pann

Vienna-based artist Charlotte Pann focuses on the phenomenon of relation as a base for and as a result of spatial constellation.

Christina Galbiati

Through paper and printed word, Christina Galbiati is passionate about emphasising the importance of tangible communication.

Dodda Maggý

Dodda Maggý’s audio-visual works explore the complex language of time-based media through installation, film, music, sound art and imagery.

Dongeun Lee

In her work S.O.S: Who in the www am I? Dongeun Lee explores questions of identity in the digital age, through an avatar called Alice.

Elinora Schwartz

Based in Jerusalem, Elinora Schwartz’s practice includes experimental short videos, photography, sculpture and installation.

Gene Chih-Yang Chen

Royal College of Art graduate Gene Chih-Yang Chen works between art and design, adjusting symbols to communicate speculative concepts.


Gilles is a designer of humanoids. He published the foundational work Positionism, 15 years in the making, in 2017.

Hannah Mooney

Highly acclaimed Irish artist Hannah Mooney sensitively investigates natural organic forms through landscape and still-life oil painting.

Harry Bunce

Harry Bunce’s Sorry… series explores ways of representing the same ambiguous character in various settings within different media.

Hayah Sheps-Avtalion

Israeli artist Hayah Sheps-Avtalion transforms light, by direct photography, into a different type of matter as a drawing or sculpture.

Howard Kingsnorth

Howard Kingsnorth’s practice straddles advertising and art photography; for over 20 years he has created a unique style of imagery.

Ilaria Bochicchio

The paintings of Italian artist Ilaria Bochicchio investigate the female body and the complex iconography surrounding gender and physicality.

Jamie Cooper

Working across a variety of mediums, Jamie Cooper creates immersive environments that mix sculptural objects with light.

Jane Gottlieb

The Californian artist uses her colourist skills to create an idyllic vision by enhancing, collaging and painting her photographs with Photoshop.

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke uses art therapy to manage his bipolar disorder, as it helps to release the pressure in his head from disturbing voices and visions.

Jen Keenan

Jen Keenan is a Brooklyn-based illustrator whose work celebrates hand-drawn compositions and lettering with a quirky sophistication.

Julia Aurora Guzmán

Amsterdam-based Dominican artist Julia Aurora Guzmán creates sculptures and installations that play with scale and the audience’s perception.

Julie Moss

Using the importance of an experience within a landscape, Julie Moss explores the subject for both painterly and symbolic possibilities.

Kerry Zacharia

Kerry Zacharia investigates the relationship between the inner and external environments that represent past and present experiences.

Khaireen Ellyna

Malaysian-born Khaireen Ellyna is based in Wales. Upon creating the cover of her debut novel, she unearthed a long-lost passion for painting.

Lidwine Titli

Paris-born Lidwine Titli produces intricate hand-crafted collages that transform elegant imagery into surreal, cyberpunk compositions.

Liisi Eelmaa

Liisi Eelmaa (b. 1982) is an Estonian artist. Her practice is focused on painting and photography of objects, which are the presented as installations, paintings…

Mandira Bahl

Mandira Bahl is an Indian photojournalist based in New York, and a recent graduate of the International Center of Photography.

Markus Gollner

Photographic and artistic alterations are at the centre of Markus Gollner’s creations; he produces eye-catching, thought-provoking images.

Ming Lu

Ming Lu’s works assess how objects that are often associated with women – such as cosmetics – are built around the body as icons for metaphor.

Miyoung Kim

Through photography installation, video and sculpture, Miyoung Kim explores the relationship between memories and materiality.

Nadia Skordopoulou

Photographer Nadia Skordopoulou’s current focus lies in lighting and multimedia, which has informed her latest series Seascapes.

Nguyen Thi Mai

Nguyen Thi Mai’s works draw inspiration from symbols associated with Vietnamese culture; each composition is both progressive and traditional.

Nicole Moss

Toronto-based Nicole Moss explores relationships, feminism and Western culture through traditional cut and paste collages.

Olayanju Dada

Olayanju Dada is a Nigerian artist currently based in Germany, where he manipulates discarded and displaced objects.


RosaCristina is a collaboration between Justin Smith and Sonia Janin, which looks at the ideas surrounding a sense of place and identity.

Sara Chyan

Sara Chyan recently graduated from the Royal College of Art, where she trained to become an artist and jeweller with a conceptual approach.

Sheau Ming Song

Sheau Ming Song’s work demonstrates issues of two-dimensional representation and documents the visual possibilities of painting materials.

Shelley Theodore

Working across film, photography and drawing, Shelley Theodore’s particular interest lies in the “act of looking” within the everyday.

Shijing Shen

Shijing Shen’s practice provides an assessment of Western aesthetics, finding a connection between the body and the universe.

Sirlei Hansen

Born and based in Brazil, the creative force in Sirlei Hansen’s work stems from the need to be in contact with, and to preserve, nature.

Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker’s paintings are a manifestation of mindfulness, cultivating a presence through texture and colour that is deeply personal.

Sun Hee Moon

Sun Hee Moon’s portraits explore human nature, combining the subjects, colours and experiences from the various places in which she has lived.

Thomas W Kuppler

In his work Thomas W Kuppler exposes bacteria as a deconstructive organism, interpreted as a metaphor for global political systems.

Yigit Yazici

Through layers of detail and textural consideration, Yigit Yazici’s images are at once chaotic and deeply harmonious.