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Aesthetica Artists' Directory

The Aesthetica Artists’ Directory is a global network of artists engaging with the professional art world. In print, on our website and in social media we have created a forum for discussion and interactivity where artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and enthusiasts can meet and discover art from around the world.

A moving, curated platform of those shaping the industry today, each Directory runs concurrently with our bi-monthly magazine, including print and combined digital profiles that offer a glimpse into boundary-pushing practices and innovative modes of thought. Below is a selection from the current issue.

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Allan Punton

Allan Punton is a glass and ceramic artist who creates contemporary abstract pieces, composing work that celebrates the play of light.

Amy Hughes

Amy Hughes is a contemporary British painter. Her work deals with themes surrounding the female body, typically her own.

Anca Stefanescu

Bucharest-born Anca Stefanescu was raised in Vădastra, where traces of the Neolithic reminded her that time is a constructed concept.

Angela Wakefield

Angela Wakefield’s urban landscapes of New York, London and the north of England have garnered international attention and acclaim.

Anja Reponen

Anja Reponen is a Helsinki-based illustrator. She is interested in the face as an interface between a person’s surface and their inner world.

Ariel Lavian

A contemporary designer and jeweller influenced by local raw materials, Ariel Lavian is a lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Arnaud Lacoste

Arnaud Lacoste’s imagination sits between the worlds of art and science; he holds a PhD in biology and received training in graphic design.

Ben Dobson

Ben Dobson explores texture, colour and light using mineral, vegetable and animal matter prepared for the microscope and camera.

Bo Kyung Kim

Bo Kyung Kim’s work embodies placidity through a process of adding and subtracting from surface and materials.

Brian Tozer

Brian Tozer works in painting, drawing and photography, to reflect the visual and textural details of multiple subjects.

Camilla Dowse

Award-wining painter Camilla Dowse uses a refined palette of soft colours to create quiet and contemplative urban landscapes.

Chan Hong Yui Clement

Chan Hong Yui Clement is a Hong Kong-based artist exploring the limitations and potential that are inherent in photographic language.

Charlotte Pann

Austrian artist Charlotte Pann focuses on what she refers to as “the phenomenon of relation as a base for and as a result of spatial constellation”.

Dale M Reid

Photographer Dale M Reid uses darkroom techniques to imbue her botanical subjects with personality and emotion, evoking their stories.

Domino Pyttel

Performance artist Domino Pyttel is best-known for her spectacular stagings which transform spaces through sound, light and objects.

Dongeun Lee

In her work S.O.S: Who in the www am I? Dongeun Lee explores questions of identity in the digital age, through an avatar called Alice.

Doris Duschelbauer

Inspired by the Mediterranean light, German artist Doris Duschelbauer paints via a method of discovery, which allows a story to emerge.

Eleanor Bartlett

Eleanor Bartlett is a visual artist who specialises in the use of tar and metal paint. Tar Paintings will be at Tintype Gallery, London from 19 January.

Eleni Foundoukis

Eleni Foundoukis is an artist of dual UK/Greek nationality. In her collages, absurdity and humour combine in an obtuse narrative.

Elinora Schwartz

Elinora Schwartz is a Jerusalem-based artist whose practice includes experimental short videos, photography, sculpture and installation.

Franziska Stolzenau

Repetition and the interaction between formed materials are the foundational themes in the work of Berlin-based artist Franziska Stolzenau.

Gene Chih-Yang Chen

Gene Chih-Yang Chen is based in London. He works between art and design, adjusting symbols to communicate speculative concepts.


Gilles is a designer of humanoids. He published the foundational work Positionism, 15 years in the making, in 2017.

Ibrahim Azab

London-based Ibrahim Azab explores the subject of language within photography. Focusing on the photograph itself, he considers it as an object.

Ioana Vrabie

Through her conceptual analogue photographs, Ioana Vrabie invites contemplation and an eventual heightened state of awareness.

Janis Cornelius

Janis Cornelius paints landscapes of the UK and Antigua. Her practice includes portraiture of Londoners at work as well as self-portraiture.

Jill Desborough

Jill Desborough is a sculptor, printmaker and also a creator of rod puppets. Inspiration comes in various guises, allowing characters to take shape.

Lee Panizza

Lee Panizza’s latest series widens her painterly enquiry into the nature of abstraction: an exercise in the possibilities of paradox and metaphor.

Linda Kosciewicz

Linda Kosciewicz’s work explores female identity, emotion and transience through constructed worlds, self-representation and performance.

Maria Luigia Gioffrè

Maria Luigia Gioffrè’s multidisciplinary practice focuses on narration, time and absence, which she explores through repetition, gesture and duration.

Marie Åkerlund

Marie Åkerlund is a Swedish artist whose subtle compositions revolve around the fragile, ethereal and essential notion of inspiration.

Natalya Nova

Natalya Nova is an award-winning artist, photographer and filmmaker. Originally from Russia, she has resided in New York since 2005.

Nik Ramage

Nik Ramage makes sculptural machines that have drifted away from utility, as well as objects that have forgotten their purpose.

Objects of Matter

Objects of Matter is a textile design studio based in Milan, which specialises in exclusive, bespoke fabrics for the fashion and interior industries.

Olaniyi R. Akindiya aka AKIRASH

Living between Lagos and Texas, Olaniyi R. Akindiya uses his art practice to investigate systems of power that govern everyday existence.

Oto Rimele

Form, light and colour underpin the work of visual artist Oto Rimele, who explores the use of a variety of materials using specific techniques.

Per Bentley

Per Bentley experiments with the strong, intense colours found in nature to depict the reality he perceives in his native Sweden.

Sara Chyan

Sara Chyan recently graduated from Royal College of Art, where she trained to become an artist and jeweller with a conceptual approach.

Sheau Ming Song

Sheau Ming Song’s work demonstrates issues of two-dimensional representation and documents the visual possibilities of painting materials.

Shino Takizawa

Shino Takizawa’s work makes use of vivid colours, exploring the possibilities of multi-chromatic palettes as reflections of complex forms.

Simon Dray

Simon Dray’s work is influenced by weathered advertising hoardings; partly concealed words and images serve as metaphors in a new world.

Simon Ker-Fox Taylor

Simon Ker-Fox Taylor is an international filmmaker and photographer working playfully between what is real and what is constructed.

Siniša Prvanov

Siniša Prvanov was born in Serbia and is currently a lecturer in Interior Architecture and Design at Bilkent University in Ankara.

Sirlei Hansen

Born and based in Brazil, the creative force in Sirlei Hansen’s work stems from the need to be in contact with, and to preserve, nature.

Sophia Pauley

Sophia Pauley is currently studying painting at the University of Edinburgh and focuses on recreating movement through certain spaces.

Steve Woodbury

Steve Woodbury creates contemporary calligraphy by using the ancient material of gunpowder on modern substrates.


Intimacy is a simple gesture: a hand cupping a receiving face, an arm draped over a welcoming back. It is these moments that Thion investigates.

Tony Caunce

Tony Caunce is an English painter and video artist who uses software in the development of images, which he then executes on large canvases.

Volo Bevza

Volo Bevza is a Berlin-based artist who concentrates on digital nature, working with a digitally generated subject matter.

WHO Art and Design

WHO Art and Design uses a variety of materials to create three-dimensional art, from wearable pieces to large objects.

Yarli Allison, Lam

Yarli is a Hong Kong-Canadian born, London-based artist who questions the meaning of survival with a fictitious approach.

Yasushi Koyama

Helsinki-based Japanese Yasushi Koyama’s ceramic sculptures marry his native popular culture with Scandinavian design methods.

Ye-Ye Tsang

Ye-Ye Tsang is a painter based in Hong Kong. She aims to capture the subjective images in her mind that result from viewing visible objects.

Young Sam Kim

Hearing-impaired photographer and visual artist Young Sam Kim lives in New York. Though the lack of hearing hinders life in many ways, it clarifies the…

Zoe Beaudry

Zoe Beaudry is an American oil painter currently based in Glasgow. Her painting practice deals with the politics of bodily and spiritual trauma.