5 New Innovative Buildings

From new technologies to sustainable regeneration, this selection of contemporary buildings presents new models for the future.

Stark Landscapes

Between 1972 and 1981, John Myers recorded everyday scenes in Stourbridge, West Midlands. A new publication brings these images together.

Implied Presence

Fires is the new series from Aesthetica Art Prize alumna Ellie Davies, weaving symbolic narratives between the human and natural world.

Exploring Consumption

Foam’s new exhibition explores the story of food in photography, tapping into issues surrounding domestic space, global consumption and selfhood.

The Human Performance

New York-based May Parlar is a photography and video artist creating visual narratives that explore the notion of identity and belonging.

5 to See: This Weekend

Aesthetica’s selection of exhibitions to see this weekend investigates public and private worlds through photography – in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Expansive Presentations

Exploding Collage combines presentations by three contemporary artists – Nadia Hebson, Linder, and Ursula Mayer.

Global Perception

A new Minimalism exhibition in Singapore brings together artists from around the world as part of a wider global dialogue around the movement.

Aesthetica Awards: Open for Entries

The Aesthetica Awards are open for entries; accepting innovative submissions for the Art Prize, Creative Writing Award and Film Festival.

Infinite Environments

160  iconic 20th century works by M. C. Escher are displayed within an environment created by cutting-edge Japanese design studio, nendo.

A Sense of Belonging

Mehveş Leliç is an Istanbul-born photographer and whose landscape images explore the relationship between humans and the environment.

10 to See: Winter 2018

From New York to Zürich, Paris to London, art and photography explores the limits of human perception whilst offering social commentary.

Mapping the Everyday

This Land at Pier 24 examines aspects of America’s social and political climate – drawing a reflective portrait of daily experience in the US.

Turner Prize 2018: Winner Announced

Charlotte Prodger wins the 2018 Turner Prize for films shot entirely on iPhone. The works explore queer identity through a personal narrative.

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Aesthetica collates 10 organisations providing inspiration for the festive season; delve into our list of creative ideas for art and culture lovers.

Harnessing Light

A new publication explores a fascination with light through the lens of artistic practice – featuring Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Liz West.

Contemporary Living

In 2018’s complex socio-political environment, the notion of home is especially poignant. Aperture Foundation’s new show investigates.

5 to Read: This Month

December’s must-read publications look at socially responsive architecture, environmental sculpture and thoughtful global photography.

Limitless Creativity

Two contemporary art shows taking place during Miami Art Week offer a platform for acclaimed global contemporary artists and galleries

Visual Tension

Utilising peculiar perspectives, Sharon Alviz invites viewers to consider architectural compositions and our wider relations to them.

The December / January Issue

Issue 86, A Renewed Perspective, is very special; through our features and editorials we are diving into bigger subjects head on.

Photography Insights

Magnum Photos launches The Art of Street Photography – an in-depth online course offering essential insights from renowned practitioners.

Celebrating Print

It’s Nice That launch the Autumn/Winter 2018 edition of Printed Pages – an arts and design compendium highlighting 100 years of Bauhaus.

RCA Secret Show

The Stewarts RCA Secret show returns 1-3 December, including over 1,800 postcard-sized works from both established and emerging artists.

5 to See: This Weekend

Spanning photography and installation, shows opening at the start of December demonstrate approaches to personal and collective identities.

Reflective Environments

Six N. Five is a design studio that specialises in still life visuals and videos with a clean and modern aesthetic inspired by the works of Edward Hopper.

Subverting Expectations

Marta Bevacqua’s compositions communicate poignant yet playful messages about the role of women and identities – creating intriguing visuals.

Playful Direction

LM Chabot cast a critical yet sensitive eye over the environment and society through photographs that span fashion, architectural and editorial genres.

Human Observation

Whitney Hayes is a photographer passionate about capturing the defining moments of humanity – driven by mood as a compositional element.

Built for the Elements

Approximately one third of the world’s land mass is covered by desert; a selection of innovative architects take on the challenge of these terrains.

Aesthetic Minimalism

Based between Rome and Los Angeles, Gianfilippo De Rossi focuses on street photography and the urban landscape – pinpointing changes in industry.

Moments of Seclusion

San Francisco-based portrait photographer Nirav Patel specialises in communicating a sense of peacefulness through the lens.

Cultural Influencers

Championing young artists, architects and designers, COS extends its aesthetic to the wider sector, acting as a gallery space for new visionaries.

A Sense of Discovery

Rebecca Reeve started the Through Looking series in 2014, using grid-like forms as a means to capture, arrange and organise the landscape.

Transient Installation

A new generation of artists considers the allure of visual stimulation, creating playful and immersive projects that trigger sensory experiences.

Towards Connectivity

In an age where photography is democratised, Foam’s 2018 Talents create an overview of the world in a time of upheaval and apprehension.

An Extraordinary Narrative

A publication by Prestel Publishing and Magnum Photos surveys the extraordinary career and striking images of photographer Inge Morath.

Beyond Documentary

Influential fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld’s oeuvre demonstrated a belief in image-making as an art form, pushing boundaries.

Top UK Architecture Shows: This Winter

Spanning prestigious awards, conceptual designs and powerful monuments, this season’s must-see exhibitions examine how buildings shape lives. 

Unstaged Portraits

Luo Yang’s raw and intimate portraits of women are a powerful assertion of identity, exploring shifting notions of femininity in China.

Digital Environments

In an increasingly urbanised and digital world, virtual reality experience We live in an Ocean of Air offers an essential moment of reflection.

Collective Memories

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Fotomuseum Winterthur offers a glimpse into the collection – collating a range of seminal works.

Kinetic Experience

In the beginning, there was a pulse. This is at the heart of a series of large-scale installations by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer built around vital signs.

Global Connectivity

In 2018, there are over 4 billion internet users worldwide. Revealing the hidden network behind this is Artangel winner Evan Roth’s Red Lines.

Endless Points

Xiaowei Chen works in the USA and China. We discuss her solo exhibition Endless Pointsat AroundSpace Gallery in Shanghai until 30 December.

Structures of Control

Examining systems of control, Rafal Milach’s Refusal presents a study of architecture, objects and social structures in the Soviet Union.

Nordic Design Brands To Watch

Demonstrating a rich sense of heritage whilst looking to the future of design, this selection blends bold aesthetics with functionality.

Photographic Legacy

Through striking images, From Ansel Adams to Infinity celebrates the sublimity of US landscapes whilst paying tribute to an iconic photographer.

Environmental Awareness

Higher Ground by Carl De Keyzer imagines a reality in which communities are forced to relocate to the mountains due to rising sea levels.

Beyond the Surface

Ward Roberts draws upon the effects of loneliness and isolation in today’s world. His Flotsam series builds upon repetition, acclimatisation and reverie.