5 to See: This Weekend

Top picks for the beginning of November use cinematic aesthetics and candid photography to capture the essence of pivotal eras in history.

5 to Read: This Month

From new photographic series to architectural monographs, November’s must-read publications chronicle migration, urbanity and post-war life.

Digital Frontiers

Innovative Japanese collective teamLab combine technology, design and the natural world to create immersive interdisciplinary installations. 

Understanding Humanity

To mark the opening of its new venue for photography, Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson pays tribute to activist Martine Franck.

Articulating Reality

Premiering at FACT, Liverpool, Broken Symmetries presents innovative works by artists navigating the shifting realities of science.

Quiet Disconnection

No mobile phones, radios or microwaves are permitted in part of the state of West Virginia. Paul Kranzler and Andrew Phelps investigate.

Representing Chronology

Images by Hiroshi Sugimoto explore the relationship between art and time, raising questions about representations of history.

Urban Expanses

Around 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Chronicling this phenomenon across major cities is photographer Michael Wolf.

5 Interior Design Brands

A selection of innovative companies transforms domestic space through sleek aesthetics, functionality and conceptual innovation.

Retold Narratives

Offering female perspectives on WWI, No Man’s Land offers rarely-seen images taken by contemporary and wartime photographers.

Surreal Architecture

Laurent Chéhère’s surreal images expose hidden narratives, repositioning buildings in the sky whilst bringing unique details into focus.

Visual Exchange

November 2018’s Magnum Square Print Sale in partnership with Aperture looks to physical and metaphorical journeys through iconic images.

Championing Inclusivity

The ING Discerning Eye exhibition is a destination for art collectors, offering the chance to discover key emerging artists.

Innovative Perspectives

Spanning architectural imagery, fashion campaigns and photojournalism, 30 Under 30 celebrates women in contemporary photography.

Nostalgic Outdoors

Dylan Lewis is a photographer from Richmond, Virginia. Addressing themes of loneliness in the 21st century, the images express a sense of longing.

Celebrating Innovation

The eleventh edition of Beazley Designs of the Year – now on view at Design Museum, London – comprises 87 nominations across six categories.

5 to See: This Weekend

From innovative 21st century software to pioneering post-war photography, shows opening at the end of October hold up a mirror to society.

Art and Science: Charting Hybridity

In conversation, 2017 Aesthetica Art Prize finalist Sara Morowetz considers what it means to combine art and science in practice.

Global Realities

Edward Burtynsky’s large scale images – now on view at Flowers Gallery, London – offer abstracted aerial views of humanity’s industrial impact.

An Influential Narrative

The first UK solo show of work by FOAM Talent 2017 winner Vasantha Yogananthan is inspired by the Indian legend of The Ramayana.

Evocative Documentary

Japan Modern highlights powerful photographic work by 20th century Japanese practitioners, exploring urban and rural environments.

Top Tech Products: This Autumn

From wearable technology to AI-assisted cameras, this selection offers a range of interactive, forward-thinking everyday solutions.

Urban Living

Living with Buildings at Wellcome Collection, London, examines how urban structures influence society’s health and well being.

Enduring Imagery

Space, Light and Time: Edward Woodman, A Retrospective foregrounds enduring images of 20th century artworks from renowned artists.

Championing Freedom

Part of Homotopia Festival 2018, Wake up Together at Open Eye Gallery champions the rights of individuals around the world. 

Spatial Illumination

Design To Shape Light transforms perceptions of space through compositions inspired by thoughtful illumination and sculptural forms.

5 to See: This Weekend

Aesthetica’s must-see shows for mid-October investigate the politics of image-making through documentary, post-production and installation.

Enhancing Reality

After delving into commercial photography, Matthew Dempsey looked towards creating original work with draws a line between artifice and fine art.

Responsive Installation

Elmgreen & Dragset’s The Whitechapel Pool is a site-specific, derelict arena that reflects on gentrification and the fate of local amenities. 

Luminous Colour

Aesthetica Art Prize finalist Liz West is featured in a new book highlighting practitioners working at the cutting edge of light-based practice.

Post-Utopian Narratives

The Atlantic Project: After the Future is a new contemporary festival addressing today’s era of uncertainty and changing perceptions of art.

Rising Cities

Winner of the 12th Foam Paul Huf Award, photographer Daniel Shea captures the effects of capitalism on the urban landscape.

Sublime Environments

Phaidon’s Living in the Desert is a visually striking compilation of buildings situated against the stark backdrop of desert landscapes. 

Abstracted Geology

The colourful, 10-metre high Liverpool Mountain by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone marks a variety of key cultural milestones within the city.

Democratic Exhibition

Looking towards the future of creative practice, Affordable Art Fair Battersea showcases contemporary work by new, international artists.

Unseen Portraits

Two exhibitions of fashion and portrait photography by Marilyn Stafford open across the UK this autumn, exploring a diverse oeuvre.

Compass Festival: Community Art

Compass Festival bursts onto the streets of Leeds this November, bringing live art and interactive encounters to cultural venues and city streets. 

Visualising Sound

Haroon Mirza’s works transform the gallery space through moving imagery, sculptural installation and electronic sound, questioning perception.

Responsible Projects

Chilean studio ELEMENTAL built its reputation on an innovative and pragmatic approach to social housing in the Chilean capital Santiago. 

5 Female Artists To Watch

Looking to the 21st century experience for inspiration, a selection of visionaries occupies the changing boundaries between truth and fiction.

Global Expanses

Navigating the theme of Space, photography prize Prix Pictet investigates pressing subjects such overpopulation and the digital age. 

Spatial Experience

A retrospective of Japanese architect Tadao Ando collates 50 major projects, demonstrating an interest in simplicity and urban space. 

Navigating History

Recent Histories at Huis Marseille examines identity, migration and the legacy of colonialism through work by emerging African artists.

Collective Experience

Society has never been so connected. A new publication and exhibition, Civilization, responds to the rapid pace of global development.

Urban Mystery

Brassaï is known for capturing enigmatic images of Paris during the interwar years. A new exhibition at SFMOMA reveals hidden depths.

Artist of the Week

Based between China and the UK, Feng Zhixuan specialises in socialist public art, crafting works that critically engage with the world around us. Zhixuan’s work appears in the current issue of the magazine.

A Scientific Influence

Luke Evans discovered photography through a long-term interest in physics and organic sciences – which has later fed into deeply calculative images.

Surreal Environments

Tom Blachford’s Midnight Modern transforms California’s iconic mid-century Modernist architecture into surreal playgrounds.

Vivid Expressions

Patricia Abramovich’s paintings, textile design and wearable art are inspired by the merging of colour and the rhythms of a meditative process of painting.

Responsive Projects

The four buildings shortlisted for the RIBA International Prize 2018 combine visionary design with an educational and ecological focus.