Defamiliarising Viewpoints

Jiri Svestka Gallery offers dialogues between emerging practitioner Katarína Poliačiková and iconic photographer Stephen Shore.

Hypnotic Ephemera

Lucio Fontana’s pioneering Ambienti Spaziali (Spatial Environments) are on display at Pirelli HangarBicocca, Milan.

Spatial Tableaux

James Casebere’s innovative investigations into the nature of constructed spaces are inspired by world-renowned architect Luis Barragán.

Catalytic Environments

In Aulus-Les-Bains, housed in a renovated 19th century hotel, is camp – the first of a new breed of arts residency, running across five-day sessions.

Deceptive Architecture

Gregor Sailer’s work uncovers a complex and uncanny world of façades hidden in the contemporary landscape.

Encyclopaedic Landscapes

An exhibition of German photographer Andreas Gursky’s monumental work marks the reopening of Hayward Gallery, London.

Vacant Interiors

Devoid of human activity, Candida Höfer’s abstracted images of grand architectural structures are pervaded by a sense of absence.

Deceptive Realities

Wout Berger’s Poisoned Landscape series at Nederlands Fotomuseum examines the peculiar and deceiving beauty of polluted environments.

Being There: New Associations

Straddling the physical and the digital, modern life is increasingly hard to pin down. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art explores what it means to be alive today.

Alternate Futures

Gillian Wearing’s large-scale photographic installation at The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, is entering its final month.

Photographic Journeys

Haus der Kunst​, Munich, brings together over 130 works that foreground Thomas Struth’s social concerns.

Digital Catalysts

Jason Bruges Studio’s kinetic installation that creates dialogues between light, technology and urban architecture.

Aesthetica Christmas Gift Guide

Read our top 10 suggestions for gifts this Christmas. From cultural institutions, independent and established companies, our list covers it all.

Cyclical Projections

The work of pioneering video artist Bill Viola explores universal narratives of life, death and the human condition.

New Destinations

Aesthetica is a destination for readers. Subscribe this Christmas and enjoy year-round inspiration from the best in contemporary art and culture.

Everyday Landscapes

Peter Bialobrzeski’s photographic series Die zweite Heimat explores the social condition of contemporary Germany through depictions of everyday places.

Creative Communities

Leeds Arts University has been formally recognised as the new title for Leeds College of Art, having been granted full university status by the Privy Council.

5 to See: This Weekend

The selection for 2-3 December exposes realities about the contemporary experience, delving into current issues and holding up a mirror to society.

Polyethylene Landscapes

Emerging photographer Julian Faulhaber’s series, LDPE, captures brand new public spaces that are untouched by human intervention.

Aesthetica Issue 80 Available Now

The December / January issue is about ideas. The notion that progress is continuous, and that we can change things if we want to, is a powerful statement.

Artificial Constructions

A selection of contemporary Swedish photographers question the nature of images at Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Historic Celebrations

Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco, celebrates its 25th anniversary with a show tracking the institutions’s past exhibitions.

Shifting Methodologies

The technological revolution has inspired developments across all creative disciplines, creating reciprocal design relationships.

Unexpected Encounters

Disrupting notions of the quotidian, Leandro Erlich’s practice employs optical illusions to create surprising visual works.

Groundbreaking Processes

Experimental Dutch designer Joris Laarman and his team apply innovative digital technologies to the design process.

Significant Perspectives

A major retrospective of work by Andreas Gursky marks the reopening of Hayward Gallery, London,​ following a two year refurbishment.

Surprising Connections

A selection of images from the archives of ILEX Gallery offers unexpected dialogues between a diverse range of practitioners and themes.

Cultural Erosion

Nandita Raman’s images of abandoned single-screen theatres take the viewer on a journey through India’s forgotten cultural landmarks

Deutsche Börse: Universal Systems

The four artists shortlisted for this year’s prize respond to the pervasive nature of information in the accelerating digital age.

Opulent Scenarios

Interested in the elements that sit below the surface, Dean Bradshaw’s conceptual compositions focus on the finer details that define the exterior.

Sensory Disconnect

Jeanette Hägglund is a Swedish photographer based in Uppsala who has worked in the industry for 12 years across advertising and portraiture.

Timeless Minimalism

The ever-changing face of fashion is exemplified through a unique label that combines digital origins and clean styling with an ethical commitment.

Living Detachment

Tania Franco Klein’s works uncover the darker elements of culture from over-consumption and media over-stimulation to emotional disconnection.

Liminal Exploration

Both universal landscapes and personal experiences are represented in a new publication that considers the wider effects of architectural tourism.

United Progression

Combining unprecedented technologies with traditional techniques, Lucy Johnston navigates the future of design through compromise & innovation.

Emotive Metropolis

Clarissa Bonet (b. 1986) is a Chicago-based artist whose work explores aspects of urbanness in both a physical and psychological context

Seeking Transience

Cig Harvey returns to Aesthetica with images from You an Orchestra You a Bomb, a new photobook that pays attention to the fragile present.

Cultural Dimensions

A major retrospective offers audiences an unprecedented understanding of an artist whose vision has been shaped by accelerating worlds.

Simulated Environment

Tekla Evelina Severin is an interior architect who since 2010, has been working in the multidisciplinary fields of art direction, set design and photography.

Modes of Communication

At Light’s Edge provides desolate views of American landscapes illuminated by eerie distress signals – messages coming from above or vice-versa.

Iridescent Dreamscapes

The experimental landscape of Kate Bellm’s imagination is dreamlike and vivid, celebrating notions of youth, freedom and nature.

Manufactured Sensations

Mária Švarbová’s Swimming Pool fills places of recreation with a sense of emptiness and static stillness.

Expanding Practice

Holden Luntz Gallery explores a wealth of dynamic fashion imagery, expanding the boundaries of the medium.

Disrupted Narratives

IWM North reflects upon the proceedings in the Syria. The four-part programme invites visitors to consider their association to the country.

Living Metropolis

Capturing locations including Hong Hong, Paris, Tokyo and Chicago, Michael Wolf documents every day life in mega-cities.

Architectural Inquiry

György Gáti’s abstracted images of architectural forms offer fresh dialogues about the urban landscape.

Collective Traditions

Simon Roberts’ images explore the shared idiosyncrasies of a nation by documenting the events that define the British social landscape.

Extreme Methodologies

International Center of Photography presents The Day the Music Died, British photographer Edmund Clark’s first solo museum exhibition in the US.

Endless Communication

Lisson Gallery and The Vinyl Factory collaborate to present Everything At Once, a group exhibition condensing 50 years of artistic practice into one space.

Addressing Languages

Fotomuseum’s latest exhibition, Unwired, by Jacqueline Hassink, extends an interest in networks of global socioeconomic power in digital media.