A Contemporary Retelling

The stories of 1960s and 1970s America are examined in Matt Henry’s photography, which is highlighted in a new show at Polka Galerie, Paris.

Top 10 Cultural Cities

Aesthetica selects ten destinations across the world which offer visually and conceptually arresting architecture, galleries and museums.

Resonant Architecture

Daniel Libeskind is known for a series of striking, resonant and sustainable buildings and design projects, combining intersecting angular forms.

Critical Reflections

Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Alinka Echeverria combines a background in anthropology with a critical, responsive approach to image-making.

Illusory Compositions

A collection of work by Noémie Goudal comprises constructed images that reinvent built and natural environments through surreal visuals.

Natural Optimism

Maia Flore’s bright compositions combine feelings of joy and freedom with surreal themes, often evoking the very essence of summer.

The Aesthetica Art Prize: Judges Announced

We are delighted to announce the judging panel for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2019, comprising influential art figures across a range of media.

Unfolding Possibilities

Drenched in theatrical suspense, Julia Fullerton-Batten’s images mix fine art with cinematic imagery to create multilayered narratives.

Still Life Revisited

Over the past seven years, Dan Matthews has developed a uniquely graphic and cropped aesthetic that conjures a sense of the surreal.

Conservationist Installation

Christo’s new public commission, The London Mastaba, is a puzzling monument which makes a jarring statement in the heart of Hyde Park.

Artists to Watch

Calling upon innovative practices, get inspired by winners from the past five years of the Aesthetica Art Prize. Entries open until 30 August.

Innovative Portraits from AAP

Portraiture is a time-honoured genre. We select five artists from the Aesthetica Art Prize who redefine the style for the 21st century.

5 to See: This Weekend

Shows open 18-19 August navigate private and public worlds, demonstrating the  power of photography to communicate personal messages.

Concealed Narratives

A new series by Todd Hido looks to the darkness of Northern Europe for inspiration, drawing audiences into unfamiliar yet curious worlds.

Tess Jaray RA: Geometry in Nature

British painter and printmaker Tess Jaray RA is one of the inspiring female artists exhibiting in the ING Discerning Eye exhibition 2018.

Transitory Moments

PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai returns for 2018, showcasing contemporary and classic photography from Asia and around the world.

Embracing Possibility

A new cultural hub brings the latest developments in Japanese art and design to the heart of London; Japan House launches with work from Sou Fujimoto.

Distinctive Perspectives

On Common Ground at Goodman Gallery positions work by two of South Africa’s most renowned photographers side-by-side. 

Rachel Ara: Reactive Systems

With two weeks to go until our call for entries closes, we reflect on the responsive works of 2016 Aesthetica Art Prize winner Rachel Ara.

Human Experience

Two exhibitions celebrate the versatile and deeply affecting oeuvre of Roman Vishniac, who captured a changing social landscape.

Photographic Innovation

The escalation of the creation, interaction and circulation of images is highlighted by Foam Talent at The Frankfurt Art Association.

Navigating the City

My Nights are brighter than your Days by Franck Abd-Bakar Fanny records the metropolis and surrounding suburban landscapes after dark.

Constructing Realities

In 2014, Stefanie Moshammer embarked on a three-month assignment in Las Vegas. Whilst there, a strange encounter inspired a deluge of images.

Powerful Voices

A new exhibition at Hayward Gallery, entitled DRAG​: Self-portraits and Body Politics, explores notions of identity, gender, class, politics and race.

Immersive Worlds

 A major exhibition of interactive works by Japanese creative studio TeamLab marks the opening of Amos Rex, Helsinki.

Systems of Control

Edmund Clark’s Control Order House explores detention through photographs, architectural representations and handwritten documents,

Photography Fairs to Attend in 2018

Aesthetica collates five of 2018’s must-see photography events, each providing a platform for the next generation of talent.

Undiscoverable Worlds

Reuben Wu is a photographer, filmmaker and music producer whose visual work is driven by the urge to explore new places as if they were unknown.

10 Photographs from AAP

Ahead of our call for entries closing this month, we foreground a selection of visually compelling and thought-provoking photographers from 10 finalists.

Intriguing Landscapes

Recording ephemeral housing structures and their surroundings, Antoine Bruy’s series, Scrublands, reveals an alternative way of life.

5 to See: This Weekend

Must-see exhibitions running 11-12 August push the boundaries of art by questioning media imagery and using drones to replicate nature.

New Media: Works from AAP

We select five practitioners from previous editions of the Aesthetica Art Prize who engage with new technology and digital culture.

Contemporary Reflections

Paul Graham’s The Whiteness of the Whale  reveals class divisions in the US through a thoughtful approach to photography.

Nocturnal Cityscapes

Daniel Boudinet’s body of work traverses the nocturnal city, revealing a sense of mystery and surrealism in the urban landscape.

An Expressive Discipline

NMWA’s Heavy Metal looks to the physical and expressive possibilities of metalwork, disrupting predominantly masculine preconceptions.

10 to See: US Summer Shows

Aesthetica’s selection of US exhibitions open this season investigates timely themes of surveillance, unseen sites and voyeuristic city scenes.

Conceptual Oppositions

How To See [What Isn’t There] is a group exhibition at Langen Foundation comprising 32 artists from the Burger Collection, exploring profound territories.

Disruptive Collections

We speak with Sydney-based Harriet Moutsopoulos, a collage artist working under the name Lexicon Love; she seeks out the unexpected connections between humour and tragedy.

Lange: Human Stories

Helping to shape an understanding of the interwar years in the US, Dorothea Lange’s deeply human images of urban situations are strikingly poignant.

Reinventing Classicism

Photographer Francesca Woodman considered Italy her second home. A new exhibition considers the country’s profound influence.

Jasmina Cibic: Visual Construction

Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Jasmina Cibic continues to untangle the complex relationships between art, gender and state authority.

Contemporary Manipulations

American artist Matthew Adam Ross, based in Los Angeles and New York, considers his practice to be a line of enquiry. We speak with him to find out more.

Interdisciplinary Platforms

Minimal fashion brand COS announces the opening of a new London store and creative centre at Kings Cross, offering a new retail model.

Eliasson: Spatial Construction

A collection of Olafur Eliasson’s immersive, environmentally responsive works are on display at Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing.

A Unique Insight

On display at Helmond Museum, a series of 90 large-scale colour photographs by Carl de Keyzer offer rare insights into life in North Korea.

Contemplative Portraits

Evoking a sense of silence, the photography of Trine Søndergaard explores both physical and personal interior spaces. 

Holzer: Lyrical Visions

For over four decades, Jenny Holzer’s impulse has been to investigate the authority of language. Tate Modern celebrate the poignancy of this intent.

Photographic Responses

Featuring work by Edmund Clark, In The Still of the Night at Fotohof, Salzburg, examines public and private worlds through photography.

Art Fairs to Attend in 2018

Aesthetica highlights five key art events opening in 2018, offering unique platforms for discovery, conversation and collaboration.

Semantics of the Home

Andrea Clarke is wholly interested in the spaces that surround us, questioning the confines that they offer and the anonymity attached to home.