Mythic Encounters

The result of 11 years spent travelling along the iconic 2,600 mile Route 66, photographs by Edward Keating investigate the American Dream.

A Revealing Journey

Ghosts Don’t Walk in Straight Lines – a project by Saskia de Brauw and Vincent van de Wijngaard – takes a reflective trip across Manhattan. 

5 to See: This Weekend

From Las Vegas to the Caspian Sea, these exhibitions move past categorisation to respond to urban, natural and constructed spaces.

Timeless Landscapes

Taking a conceptual and abstracted approach that pushes beyond narrative, Axel Hütte captures ethereal images of natural environments.

An Expansive Oeuvre

An exhibition of works by Tony Vaccaro demonstrates an extraordinary diversity, highlighting images from throughout his career.

Dynamic Observations

Chronicling New York’s street life during the mid-20th century, Helen Levitt’s body of work offers an honest and dynamic portrait of life. 

RCA Secret: Promoting Creativity

Royal College of Art’s annual fundraising show returns, offering viewers the opportunity to own artwork by a variety of renowned practitioners.

Visionary Installation

A documentary exhibition at Pérez Art Museum Miami marks the 35th anniversary of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s site-specific Surrounded Islands.

Changing Landscapes

Thoughtful, bold and humorous, Robert Blomfield: Edinburgh Street Photography offers an insight into a rapidly changing city and culture.

Powerful Responses

An exhibition at MCA Chicago looks to artist and filmmaker Arthur Jafa’s multilayered video work Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death.

Stylistic Restaging

Fine art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten returns with Old Father Thames, a series inspired by the river and its historical significance.

Visual Activism

Demonstrating the power of self-portraiture, Fotomuseum, Antwerp, engages with timely issues of politics, race, gender and identity.

Intriguing Spaces

In a new exhibition, Dutch photographer Ellen Kooi’s cinematic panoramas revisit the timely relationship between humans and the landscape.

Beazley Designs of the Year 2018

The winners of Beazley Designs of the Year 2018 are announced. The annual prize celebrates innovative projects that deliver tangible change.

Poetic Quotidian

Toujour Paris at Peter Fetterman Gallery, Santa Monica, explores the city through the lens of renowned French humanist photographers.

Commercial Iconography

Photographs by Denise Scott Brown look to the Pop Art movement as a lens through which to understand the American vernacular.

An Abstracted Vision

Developing a new visual language, Bill Brandt used a wide-angle lens to craft unique compositions from bold new perspectives. 

Innovative Practices

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair is a celebration of contemporary printmaking, offering over 500 artworks from across the globe.

Urban Cinematics

Cross Road Blues by photographer Oli Kellett captures urban intersections across the US, offering unique perspectives on lived experience.

Recovering Histories

Michael Schwan’s mission to explore lost places in Europe is rooted in the idea of the urban explorer, looking behind closed doors.

Visual Liberation

Breaking down boundaries between worlds, a new exhibition of works by Joel Meyerowitz positions the viewer at the forefront.

Candid Moments

Using the language of film to craft poetic images steeped in narrative, Christopher Anderson’s photographs possess cinematic qualities.

5 to See: This Weekend

Demonstrating a variety of approaches to social documentary, must-see  exhibitions offer experimental, realist and stylised photography.

Transient Forms

Eamonn Doyle’s strikingly bold and ethereal series, K, is set against a compelling and fitting backdrop untouched by human presence. 

Elegiac Documents

Major retrospective Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings demonstrates a signature experimental style, delving into the American consciousness. 

Creative Reflections

Designblok, Eastern and Central Europe’s largest design week, explores ideas of national identity whilst looking to the next generation of talent.

Suburban Narratives

Miles Aldridge and Todd Hido offer an intriguing view into life in residential neighbourhoods, tapping into ideas of urban isolation and tension.

20 Years of ING Discerning Eye

To celebrate 20 years of ING Discerning Eye, we invite a selection of past and present exhibitors to explore how it has shaped their creative careers.

Evocative Portraits

Nicholas Nixon’s images, on view at C/O Berlin, weave deeply personal and individualistic moments into a story with global resonance.

Curatorial Expression

Several works transform the museum experience for the 57th Carnegie International, offering vibrant, dynamic and responsive dialogues.

New Structural Languages

Studio Joy Works’ latest release celebrates the 25th anniversary of his firm, featuring a vast range of attention-grabbing structures.

Constructing the Land

From nearby urban neighbourhoods in Paris to desert landscapes in the American West, Edouard Sepulchre’s images capture prairie-like idealism.

Artist News

Anca Stefanescu (her work appeared in the June/July 2018 issue) is showing The Gift of Vision at the Larnaca Biennale. The exhibition runs until Friday 30, November.

Global Tourism

Destination Art: 500 Artworks worth the Trip, a new publication by Phaidon that provides a guide to contemporary sculptures and installations.

5 to See: This Weekend

This selection of retrospectives, group shows and international events celebrates women in the industry whilst reflecting on its history.

Cultural Renaissance

The AFAL group constitutes a significant venture in the history of Spanish photography, providing an insight to a time of cultural renaissance.

Deconstructing Illusion

The Beauty of Lines creates juxtapositions between diverse works, revealing unexpected echoes and resonances of form and structure.

Essential Curation

Brooklyn Museum’s new exhibition is a direct response to the crucial social and political issues that have dominated global conversations.

Transforming Aesthetics

Redefining the concept of beauty, Sagmeister & Walsh’s multimedia, sensory installations push beyond superficiality to enhance perception. 

Changing Environments

Modern Nature at The Hepworth, Wakefield explores our evolving relationship with the organic world in an age dominated by urbanity.

Rediscovering History

Where Memory Remains is a thought-provoking theme for the 15th edition of Photaumnales, especially in today’s media landscape.

Cultural Expression

The interaction of faith, culture, fashion and individual expression is examined in world-first exhibition Contemporary Muslim Fashions.

Artificial Vision

Trevor Paglen’s Sight Machine collaboration with Kronos Quartet articulates the world – and human interactions – through AI code.

Coastal Documentation

Rusty Wiles is a Florida native, who serves as a firefighter and paramedic. Five years ago, he downloaded Instagram and began to shoot.

5 to See: This Weekend

Top picks for the beginning of November use cinematic aesthetics and candid photography to capture the essence of pivotal eras in history.

5 to Read: This Month

From new photographic series to architectural monographs, November’s must-read publications chronicle migration, urbanity and post-war life.

Digital Frontiers

Innovative Japanese collective teamLab combine technology, design and the natural world to create immersive interdisciplinary installations. 

Understanding Humanity

To mark the opening of its new venue for photography, Fondation Henri Cartier Bresson pays tribute to activist Martine Franck.

Articulating Reality

Premiering at FACT, Liverpool, Broken Symmetries presents innovative works by artists navigating the shifting realities of science.

Quiet Disconnection

No mobile phones, radios or microwaves are permitted in part of the state of West Virginia. Paul Kranzler and Andrew Phelps investigate.