This is Dalí

Catherine Ingram
Laurence King

Salvador Dalí was a unique man and artist, and this vibrant text does him great justice. Humorous and bright, the presentation is gorgeous and the pages are filled with the charm and colour of Andrew Rae’s illustrations. It’s a joyful exploration of Dalí’s world and gives intriguing and comprehensive insights into his personal development and his art.

Surrealism is playful and This is Dalí embraces its very concept and philosophy: Dalí’s works lie alongside drawings of his fabulous home at Port Lligat, an imagined scene at one of his extravagant parties and representations of important biographical moments. The inspirations and events of his life and relationships are detailed in a truly accessible and enjoyable manner.

Dalí’s life and art were inextricable from one another and Cathrine Ingram seamlessly presents the two together in a book that is itself a work of art. With elements of the graphic novel, it’s a fitting format for the story of one of the world’s most beloved, fascinating and eccentric artists and a beautiful volume for any collection.

Bryony Byrne