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Layered Surrealism

Paul Biddle is an award-winning surrealist photographer who often makes use of found objects, or photographs of objects from museums.

Artists’ Directory: Video Profile

Linda Kosciewicz’s work explores female identity, emotion and transience through constructed worlds, self-representation and performance.

AIPAD: Visual Platforms

More than 100 of the world’s leading galleries come together this April for The Photography Show, taking place at the huge Pier 94 venue in New York.

Call for Entries: New Designers

Sailor Jerry is on the search for new talent in Glasgow. Submit your design and feature in the April / May edition of Aesthetica Magazine.

Uninhabited Meaning

Gerry Johansson’s images are devoid of human presence, yet reflect the lives of individuals in fresh and revealing ways.

Constructed Information

Public museums are cathedrals of knowledge. Jason Larkin highlights the visual presentation of war and conflict in such institutions.

Doris Duschelbauer

Photographer Dale M Reid uses darkroom techniques to imbue her botanical subjects with personality and emotion, evoking their stories.

Charlotte Pann

Austrian artist Charlotte Pann focuses on what she refers to as “the phenomenon of relation as a base for and as a result of spatial constellation”.

Artists’ Directory: Video Profile

Michael Wagner focuses on the concepts of identity and celebrity, with each piece exploring the allure of the person behind the composition.

Optimistic Journeys

A retrospective of works by Elliott Erwitt at Salon taidemuseo Veturitalli, Finland, provides a unique view of life during and after wartime.

Artists’ Directory: Video Profile

Trained as an architect, Portuguese artist Cristina Rodrigues combines social concerns, ethnography and gender relations in her practice.

Playful History

Work by Miles Aldridge features as part of an exhibition at Reading Museum celebrating the Irish writer and dramatist Oscar Wilde.

Artists’ Directory: Video Profile

Dominican Republic-born Mariojosé Angeles has exhibited internationally. The expression of his Caribbean identity is a key objective of his work. 

Alternative Modernism

Hatje Cantz’s new publication celebrates architect and designer Lina Bo Bardi’s 100th anniversary,

Textural Expressions

Mika Yajima makes use of fibre as a material to create conceptual installations. We speak with the Tokyo-based artist to find out more.

Defamiliarising Viewpoints

Jiri Svestka Gallery offers dialogues between emerging practitioner Katarína Poliačiková and iconic photographer Stephen Shore.

Cyclical Projections

The work of pioneering video artist Bill Viola explores universal narratives of life, death and the human condition.

Polychromatic Environments

Pipilotti Rist creates kaleidoscopic multimedia environments investigating how the natural world and the body interlace with the digital age.

5 to See: This Weekend

5 to See for 4-5 November engage with notions of the collective conciousness, inspiring ideas about the creation of a greater whole.

Shifting Perspectives

Anne Hoerter examines new ways to exhibit botanical forms; she is also developing her portrait portfolio. We speak with the artist about her practice.

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