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Exquisite Fashion

Melissa Regan Agency, in partnership with Mark Shaw archive, stages the first of a series of exhibitions of the fashion photographer’s epic work.

Adolescent Narratives

Created with young women from the Youth Sociotherapy Center in Rudzienko, Sharon Lockhart’s Little Review comprises translations, a new film, series of photographs and educational workshops.

Sequential Urbanity

Swedish photographer Mårten Lange has released a The Mechanism, a despondent sequence that forms a sci-fi story about contemporary life.

Fabricated Lineage

Chantelle Exley’s You or Your Memory was displayed as part of York St. John’s True North exhibition, an end of year show that celebrated emerging talent.

Fluid Technique

Without exception, each of David Cass’s artworks describe water in some way. From straight depiction of seas or pools to exploration of environmental extremes.

Cultural Iconography

Olga Lomaka plays with recognisable images and products of consumerism, pooling contrasting beliefs to give a second meaning to hidden symbols.

Textural Composition

Hanna Tuulikki’s startling and lyrical Air falbh leis na h-eòin | Away with the Birds, is grounded in the ecological rather than the fantastical.

Evolutionary Influence

Joris Laarman Lab: Design in the Digital Age brings together a myriad of works showcasing an unprecedented talent that has brought fictitious ideas to life.

Geometric Transformation

London-based artist Nina Baxter produces abstract paintings that focus on the interaction of colour, drawing inspiration from landscape and architecture.

Centro Botín: Cultural Expansion

Fundación Botín’s new Centro Botín building is a curious combination of grandeur and subtlety, designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano.

Photographic Reproduction

Luxembourg & Dayan’s The End of Collage, curated by Yuval Etgar, is a captivating survey highlighting the breadth of collage in the 20th century.

Immersive Cinematography

Toby Dye’s The Corridor is a love letter to the work of Stanley Kubrick. The video installation has been shortlisted for the 2017 Aesthetica Art Prize.

Experiential Composition

Anastasia Schipanova represents a new generation of Russian contemporary artists, who mix expressionism, symbolism and abstractionism.

Momentary Elegance

Award-winning artist Jasper Udink ten Cate combines his work as a chef and as an artist, specialising in food, tableware design, paintings and graphics.

Redefined Environments

In Minimal Pure, digital artist and art director Feridun Akgüngör combines architectural forms and expanses of sky to create dynamic, utopian vignettes.

Sculptural Intersection

Jakarta-based photography duo Sally / Emily’s White Tokyo series combines the clean, minimalist lines of Japanese architecture with contemporary styling.

Politicised Symbols

Flesh tones and bold textures bring a sense of the body into the stripped space of white walls and floor-to-ceiling windows at London’s Parasol Unit.

Recontextualised Media

Skarstedt’s exploration of appropriation and how it has been pursued by different generations features works by leading artists from the 1960s to the present day.

VOLTA NY: An International Showcase

With a focus on solo artistic practice, VOLTA NY is dedicated to championing cutting-edge practitioners and rising stars from all over the world.

Dynamic Surfaces

Founded and run by British designer Beth Travers, BOBO1325 is a boutique design studio specialising in bespoke wallpaper and surface pattern designs.

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