Artificial Landscapes

Brilliant City at David Zwirner, Hong Kong investigates the density of the metropolis through manipulated compositions.

Evolving Disciplines

Exhibitions at The Hepworth, Wakefield, and the Getty Center, Los Angeles, showcase work that occupies the boundary between fashion and fine art.

Symbolic Journeys

A new show at Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, examines the poetic nature of roads through photographs by Robert Adams.

Social Mediations

Nothing Stable Under Heaven features works by 25 artists drawn from SFMOMA’s contemporary collection focusing on social and political resistance.

A Dynamic City

The 20 photographers featured in Made in Berlin at CAMERAWORK draw a striking portrait of the cultural centre through a variety of styles.

Cinematic Perspectives

Gail Albert Halaban’s large-scale, stylised works possess a dark and cinematic sense of voyeurism, addressing themes of 21st century disconnection.

Unseen Environments

Anthropocene at Art Gallery of Ontario brings together science and art, unearthing the scale of industrial activity on the planet.

Documenting the Self

An exhibition at Museum of Fine Arts, Petersburgh, examines how photographers capture and rewrite notions of identity.

Illuminating the Everyday

Harry Gruyaert offers a striking synthesis of colour, form and light, bringing together fragments of the everyday.

Theatrical Encounters

Lonneke van der Palen’s practice focuses on creating artificial sets. Highly stylised, the images focus on nature of circulated media and constructed realities.

A Shifting Topography

Berenice Abbott’s works represent a community in flux, documenting New York’s changing landscape through light and form.

Environmental Dialogues

The relationship between humans and the natural landscape is constantly shifting. A show responds to these changing dialogues.

5 to See: This Weekend

From UK beaches to Latin and Central America, must-see exhibitions open 21-22 July are defined by a sense of place and local identity.

A World First

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform everything we do. Huawei launches the world’s first photography award judged by AI.

Surreal Archetypes

Kate Ballis transforms California’s iconic modernist architecture and desert landscapes into uncanny worlds.

Manipulated Space

Image Building: How Photography Transforms Architecture explores the changing dialogues between viewer, photographer and architect.

Documenting Change

Kunstmuseum, Wolfsburg’s retrospective of work by Robert Lebeck uncovers different forms of rebellion and the aftermath of protest.

Otherworldly Arenas

Intrigued by social phenomena, Al Mefer’s photographs call upon artificial elements, using an intriguing interplay between shadow and colour.

Cultural Awareness

There are more than 270 nationalities and 300 languages spoken in London. Shows at Calvert 22, Foam and NOW Gallery celebrate this diversity.

Escaping Digitalisation

Jacqueline Hassink documents a number of the planet’s dwindling “white spots”, lacking wifi and cellular coverage, shown at Benrubi Gallery.