An Evolving Genre

A photography show at Museum Ludwig, Cologne, questions the boundaries between fine art and documentary genres.

Making Global Connections

Curated by the Michael Reid Gallery in Berlin, the Australian Embassy in Paris showcases 22 leading figures in contemporary photography.

10 to See: Unseen Amsterdam

Unseen Amsterdam highlights the latest developments in fine art photography. Aesthetica collates a list of 2018’s must-see artists.

Historic Inspiration

Influenced by humanity’s fascination with the nature of the everyday, Romain Veillon’s photographs inhabit a world of testimony and nostalgia.

Points of Departure

Sisters Sally Ann and Emily May Gunawan return to Aesthetica with a shoot inspired by the Australian landscape and Pacific Ocean.

Moments of Isolation

Continuing an ongoing support of emerging talent, Next Generation is an annual collaboration with LCC that celebrates the work of graduates.

Visions of the City

Kevin Krautgartner’s works focus on geometric elements from the evolving landscape, revelling in bold structures set against an immaculate skyline.

Urban Algorithms

Using patterns and data from intelligent surveillance systems, Esther Hovers’ images have been crafted around the detection of criminal behaviour.

Surreal Interactions

Brooke DiDonato creates rich, palpable images that document a new kind of reality – taking figures from the realms of the everyday into a state of flux.

Spatial Recognition

James Casebere devises table-top models, creating thought-provoking and visually deceptive images that have accrued international acclaim.

Aesthetica Issue 84 Available Now

The August / September edition, Global Initiatives, looks at sustainable ways of living across range of disciplines, documenting the human story.

Reinventing History

Vogue Like A Painting at GL Strand, Copenhagen, establishes visual and thematic links between fashion photography and fine art.

A Contemporary Vision

Alfred Seiland’s body of work offers a bright synthesis of colour and light, combining  analog techniques with contemporary aesthetics.

Stylised Perspectives

An exhibition at Ibasho Gallery celebrates the work of contemporary Japanese photographers, reflecting on the fast pace of everyday life.

Into the Metropolis

For over ten years, Nuremberg-based photographer Christian Höhn has captured the world’s largest cities and transport networks.

The Urban Vernacular

Capturing the everyday landscape, Vishal Marapon’s images connect with changing cities and the material effects of gentrification and development.

An Iconic Approach

Iconic work by Stephen Shore is highlighted as part of Edwynn Houk Gallery’s Summer Show, which delves into a diverse collection.

5 to See: This Weekend

Aesthetica selects five must-see photography exhibitions open 28-29 July. Each offers conceptual responses to contemporary life.

Promoting Creativity

Polaroid Originals’ summer campaign offers bold colours and clean lines, evoking a sense of freedom and creativity.

A Bold Trajectory

Delving into the archives, Changes at Staley-Wise Gallery, New York, charts the development of 20th century photography.