Living Metropolis

Capturing locations including Hong Hong, Paris, Tokyo and Chicago, Michael Wolf documents every day life in mega-cities.

Architectural Inquiry

György Gáti’s abstracted images of architectural forms offer fresh dialogues about the urban landscape.

Collective Traditions

Simon Roberts’ images explore the shared idiosyncrasies of a nation by documenting the events that define the British social landscape.

Extreme Methodologies

International Center of Photography presents The Day the Music Died, British photographer Edmund Clark’s first solo museum exhibition in the US.

Addressing Languages

Fotomuseum’s latest exhibition, Unwired, by Jacqueline Hassink, extends an interest in networks of global socioeconomic power in digital media.

Compositional Programming

Irene Scheinmann is an artist that ventures into digital worlds, combining bold, geometric forms with the open possibilities of technology.

5 To See: This Weekend

The selection for 25-26 November investigates self-definition, uncovering what it means to be formed by experience, locale and popular culture.

Conceptual Industry

The practice of influential photographic duo Bernd and Hilla Becher is characterised by an objective uniformity,

Cinematic Structures

André Cepeda’s work examines urban architectural forms using light and geometry in surprising, spatially resonant ways.

Elegiac Chronicles

Unsettling and revealing, Sasha Rudensky’s images traverse the contemporary landscape, exploring the aftermath of the Cold War.

Vivid Metropolis

Taking the city as a subject, Wayne Sorce’s images document the urban landscapes of Chicago and New York in the 1970s and 1980s.

Cultural Showground

SCOPE Miami Beach is recognised worldwide for its forward-thinking approach and focus on emerging practitioners and galleries. 

Conceptual Wilderness

SF Camerawork builds upon the rich history between the medium and the natural world, displaying fresh perspectives.

Temporal Journeys

Known for their unique use of light, Matthew Rolston’s images transcend their time periods, looking simultaneously backwards and forwards.

Surprising Perspectives

Wuales’ innovative approach to capturing the human form transforms the body in unexpected ways, offering new dialogues.

Shattered Idylls

Marianna Rothen’s Shadows in Paradise explores notions of selfhood and the gaze in a utopian dreamworld.

Incomplete Landmarks

Amélie Labourdette captures unfinished concrete structures, questioning notions of human history and territories.

Cohesive Timelines

Uniting a gap of 50 years, Magnum Print Room draws a portrait of America through the medium of monochromatic photography.

Playful Temporality

Luciana Pampalone’s black and white images evoke a sense of playful nostalgia, transforming The Peconic Bay, New York, into a 1930s setting.

Uncanny Landscapes

Monica Alcazar-Duarte’s The New Colonists, winner of the Bar Tur Photobook Award, presents an otherworldly quotidian.