Historical Transformations

Mahmoud Bakhshi centres on the infamous Cinema Rex fire in Abadan, South Iran, as the focus of a new immersive installation.

Art Rotterdam 2017

The Van Nelle Fabriek factory will play host to the eighteenth edition of Art Rotterdam, returning this February for a celebration of the industry.

Digitalised Constructivism

Thomas Dane gallery, London, hosts Kasten’s first solo, UK-based exhibition, introducing the medium of moving image for the first time.

Contemporary Authenticity

In a world dominated by digital technologies, the authenticity of Jeff Cowen’s (b.1966) work has a distinctive appeal.

Negative Space

Through film and sculpture, with a particular emphasis on sound, Oliver Beer considers the physical properties and emotional values of objects.

Conceptual Values

Strata – the title of Amie Siegel’s newest exhibition at South London Gallery – denotes a series of layers which are embedded within moving-images.

Archival Interrogation

An investigation into the relationship between narrative and imagery characterises the work of American artist Lisa Oppenheim.

PHOTOFAIRS: Digital Horizons

Lauren Marsolier’s images alleviate the world of specific details and are displayed at PHOTOFAIRS San Francisco, courtesy of Robert Koch Gallery.

The Legacy of Science Fiction

A festival-style exhibition delves into the storytelling roots of science fiction, a genre which has captures imaginations around the world for decades.

Sternfeld’s America

For the American Prospects series, Joel Sternfeld traverses the US in order to capture the essential character of the country.

Roger Mayne: Youthful Nuances

The Photographers’ Gallery, London, hosts the first major exhibition (since 1999) of Roger Mayne, including the notorious 1960s snapshots of London.

India Art Fair 2017

India Art Fair is South Asia’s principal showcase of contemporary art and a gateway to the region’s cultural produce returning to New Delhi from 2-5 February.

Contemporary Self-Expression

From Selfie to Self-Expression is the world’s first exhibition documenting the history of the selfie, exploring its roots and cultural relevance.

Shore’s Singular Vision

An uncompromising pursuit of photography’s possibilities has guided Stephen Shore’s career, from the prints he made as a teenager to his recent practice.

Digital Personalities

After Us, from the K11 Art Foundation, and the New Museum, examines the possibilities that alternative digital personalities facilitate.

Tactile Photography

Daisuke Yokota embarks upon investigations into the tactile aspects of photography, seeking to provide new perspectives on the medium.

Responses to Globalisation

Japanese artist Tamao Narukawa takes a poetic approach, using metaphors and parables, creating a juxtaposition of humour and seriousness.

Contemporary Riot Grrrls

Riot Grrrls celebrates a plethora of loud and adventurous paintings by female artists. The exhibition responds to the sexism that pervades the creative world.

The Power of Cover Art

With renowned album art from bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and David Bowie, the power of cover art is something to be marvelled at.

Kasten: Spatial Materiality

Barbara Kasten’s restless innovation and unique artistic vision comes to the fore of Intervals, an exhibition that encompasses both historic and recent work.