Mapping the Everyday

This Land at Pier 24 examines aspects of America’s social and political climate – drawing a reflective portrait of daily experience in the US.

Contemporary Living

In 2018’s complex socio-political environment, the notion of home is especially poignant. Aperture Foundation’s new show investigates.

5 to Read: This Month

December’s must-read publications look at socially responsive architecture, environmental sculpture and thoughtful global photography.

Limitless Creativity

Two contemporary art shows taking place during Miami Art Week offer a platform for acclaimed global contemporary artists and galleries

Visual Tension

Utilising peculiar perspectives, Sharon Alviz invites viewers to consider architectural compositions and our wider relations to them.

The December / January Issue

Issue 86, A Renewed Perspective, is very special; through our features and editorials we are diving into bigger subjects head on.

Photography Insights

Magnum Photos launches The Art of Street Photography – an in-depth online course offering essential insights from renowned practitioners.

Celebrating Print

It’s Nice That launch the Autumn/Winter 2018 edition of Printed Pages – an arts and design compendium highlighting 100 years of Bauhaus.

5 to See: This Weekend

Spanning photography and installation, shows opening at the start of December demonstrate approaches to personal and collective identities.

Subverting Expectations

Marta Bevacqua’s compositions communicate poignant yet playful messages about the role of women and identities – creating intriguing visuals.

Playful Direction

LM Chabot cast a critical yet sensitive eye over the environment and society through photographs that span fashion, architectural and editorial genres.

Human Observation

Whitney Hayes is a photographer passionate about capturing the defining moments of humanity – driven by mood as a compositional element.

Aesthetic Minimalism

Based between Rome and Los Angeles, Gianfilippo De Rossi focuses on street photography and the urban landscape – pinpointing changes in industry.

Moments of Seclusion

San Francisco-based portrait photographer Nirav Patel specialises in communicating a sense of peacefulness through the lens.

A Sense of Discovery

Rebecca Reeve started the Though Looking series in 2014, using grid-like forms as a means to capture, arrange and organise the landscape.

An Extraordinary Narrative

A publication by Prestel Publishing and Magnum Photos surveys the extraordinary career and striking images of photographer Inge Morath.

Beyond Documentary

Influential fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld’s oeuvre demonstrated a belief in image-making as an art form, pushing boundaries.

Unstaged Portraits

Luo Yang’s raw and intimate portraits of women are a powerful assertion of identity, exploring shifting notions of femininity in China.

Collective Memories

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Fotomuseum Winterthur offers a glimpse into the collection – collating a range of seminal works.

Structures of Control

Examining systems of control, Rafal Milach’s Refusal presents a study of architecture, objects and social structures in the Soviet Union.