Silent Documentation

An exhibition explores the still, emotive nature of writer, photographer and director Raymond Depardon’s oeuvre.

Extravagant Realities

Michael Eastman’s intriguing investigations into Buenos Aires’ iconic late 19th century interiors are both haunting and surprising.

Cosmopolitan Arenas

From 1950-1970, photographer Latif Al Ani documented the rich social, political and religious landscape of Iraq through his lens.

Alternate Singularities

For Dutch photographer Desiree Dolron, each locale is another identity. GRIMM Gallery, Amsterdam, documents her extensive travels.

Mundane Transfigurations

Transfiguring everyday objects into items of contemplation, Jan Groover’s photography foregrounds the banality of the quotidian.

Accessible Perspectives

Following the last year’s success, annual contemporary photography fair fotofever returns to the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, for its sixth edition.

Twilight Investigations

Greg Girard’s neon-lit nocturnal explorations of Hong Kong between 1974-1989 are displayed in HK:PM at Blue Lotus Gallery & Consultancy.

Multifaceted Iconography

Known for his documentation of Cologne’s Neues Bauen movement during the 1920s, Werner Mantz’s images made the region’s ar­chi­tec­ture iconic.

Secluded Locales

La Photographie Galerie, Brussels, presents a selection of images created in some of the most remote and unforgiving locations in the world.

Sublime Interventions

The presence of man-made interventions into the landscape is highlighted in State of Nature at Robert Morat Galerie, Berlin.

Artificial Surroundings

The damaging link between the economy and the environment is documented through photographic investigations by Olaf Otto Becker.

Perceptive Tranquility

Through a sense of intense stillness, Axel Hütte’s atmospheric compositions connect natural landscapes with the nocturnal metropolis.

Open-Sky Environments

Galerie blanc, Montreal, is a new outdoor exhibition space blurring the boundaries between inside and outside.

Infinite Passageways

Photography organisations Magnum Photos and Aperture Foundation come together for a print sale exploring the theme of Great Journeys.

Habitual Eccentricities

The idiosyncratic nature of English social customs is explored through the photographs of Tony Ray Jones and Martin Parr.

Monumental Exposures

Balthasar Burkhard’s monumental black-and-white compositions bridge the divide between photography and contemporary art.

Enhancing Life

Colour is more than just a form of expression for American icon Joel Meyerowitz; it intensifies the everyday and transforms the quotidian.

Momentary Silence

Silent Land is an intimate representation of life in Moldova, one of the world’s poorest and least-documented countries.

5 to See: This Weekend

28-29 October. This week’s selection explores the wider, experiential concept of space through a multitude of different mediums.

Idiosyncratic Commentaries

Stephen Shore: Selected Works, published by Aperture, presents a collection of images chosen by a group of 15 artists, curators and cultural figures.