10 to See: October 2018

From seminal architecture to experimental photography, exhibitions open this autumn explore the breadth of human experience.

Ecological Relationships

A collaborative project between photographer Jeroen Toirkens and journalist  Brandt Corstius reminds us of our place within the wider world.

American Narratives

Ed Ruscha’s groundbreaking artist books surprised the art world. A show uncovers his creative process – from conception to publication.

Dreamlike Impressions

Jimmy Marble’s latest series experiments with fashion photography in the studio setting, blending bold colours with a dreamy aesthetic.

TOAF: An Innovative Platform

The Other Art Fair engages with notions of the unexpected, presenting artworks that surprise through new methods and subject matter.

Personal Stories

Opening in Milan, Magnum Photos’ seventh Home exhibition offers an insight into individual narratives as captured by 16 photographers.

Fluid Presences

Alice Zoo’s Swimmers series takes a documentary approach, considering the intimacy of the lens. Part of The Next Generation 2018.

Intimate Portraits

Maria Moreira’s series uses self-portraiture and environments to explore the notion of the individual. As part of the Next Generation 2018.

Issue 85 Available Now

Curiosity is the fuel for innovation and creativity is the ignition for invention. The October / November issue, Making An Impact, is a celebration of ideas.

5 to See: This Weekend

Shows opening at the end of September examine the nature of photography in an increasingly digital landscape, looking to ideas of authenticity.

Capturing the Elements

Laura Zalenga utilises the power of photography to tell stories, communicating emotions and tapping into the therapeutic quality of image-making.

Playful Messages

Sing-Sing is an award-winning duo that work together on everything from design to film, creating projects for the likes of Lyft and Sagmeister & Walsh.

Spatial Landmarks

Kris Provoost is a Belgian-born photographer, currently designing and documenting buildings in order to better understand the world.

Reviving Analogue

A self-taught filmmaker and photographer, Glashier works exclusively on film, capturing narrative images and producing documentaries and music videos.

Minimal Construction

Louis MacLean has a keen eye for detail, taking away the formal function of landscapes and reinjecting dynamism through a considered perspective.

Dramatic Portraiture

Incorporating a filmic sense of drama in his works, Alessio Albi uses wildlife to embed anonymous figures within a highly textured landscape.

Visual Repetition

Intrigued by the structures which define the everyday experience,  Basir Mahmood explores themes of labour, hierarchy and identity.

National Responses

Reflecting on geopolitical events, Brighton Photo Biennial 2018 demonstrates the power of lens-based media to construct ideas of identity.

Anonymous Figures

Agnes Wonke Toth’s Hide and Seek series explores hidden bodies and the intimate nature of humanity. Part of the 2018 Next Generation of Talent.

Imaginary Landscapes

Douglas Mandry’s Equivalences bridges the boundary between analogue and digital techniques, creating images awash with colour.