Aesthetic Languages

BALTIC Curator of Exhibitions and Research, Alessandro Vincentelli, speaks about Jasmina Cibic’s latest exhibition, This Machine Builds Nations.

Arresting Visuals

Dutch multidisciplinary artist Erwin Olaf rewrites the conventions of fashion photography through highly stylised images and video installations.

Balancing Representation

As part of Photo London 2018 at Somerset House, Huxley-Parlour, London, celebrates the work of females behind the lens.

Filmic Composition

Alex Prager’s cinematic photographs touch upon themes of voyeurism and alienation, examining life in a media-saturated society.

Structural Hybridity

Taking place at MoMA, Toward a Concrete Utopia explores the building design that was produced during the 45 years of former Yugoslavia’s existence.

A Bold Approach

Ethereal and dreamlike meets surreal and striking in the new Erik Madigan Heck exhibition at the Christopher Guye Galerie, Zurich.

Uncanny Locales

A new exhibition of work by Juno Calypso takes a surreal and unique location in Nevada, US, as its starting point.

Capturing Urbanity

Detailed images of the city by Guardian photographer David Levene are the focus of a show at Walthamstow Village Window Gallery.

5 to See: This Weekend

Shows running 12-13 May celebrate pioneering practitioners from the early 20th century up to the present day, offering responsive approaches.

Historical Connections

Marking the centenary of Polish independence, Calvert 22 Foundation provides an exploration of domesticity since the end of the Communist period.

Future Greats

12 shortlisted artists from the Aesthetica Art Prize push the boundaries of innovation, calling upon the value that we place on the world around us.

Quotidian Observations

American Voyage draws a portrait of life in the 1960s, exploring the juxtaposition between notions of freedom and disconnection.

Cinematic Portraits

Italian fashion photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri is inspired by cinematography, and uses light in striking ways.

Refreshed Perspectives

Schauwerk Sindelfingen presents Light Sensitive Two, a showcase of 150 photographic works from the Schaufler Collection.

Urban Introspection

Herrick Gallery’s Londoners and their Environments, comprises a series of photographs by Alexandro Pelaez, documenting professionals based in London.

Reflective Practices

Tania Franco-Klein, a photographer shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize in 2017, is interested in documenting social behaviour.

The Experimental Lens

Coinciding with Photo London, three-day photography festival Peckham 24 offers new visual languages.

Social Disconnection

As part of Photo London, Almanaque Gallery foregrounds work by Aesthetica Art Prize artist Tania Franco-Klein.

Purposeful Design

London Design Biennale, hosted by Somerset House, invites an array of global practitioners to explore the importance of a collective consciousness.

Stylistic Evolution

A new show at Huxley-Parlour Gallery, London, offers a new perspective on photographer Martin Parr’s socially receptive work.