Meaningful Personae

Zanele Muholi’s Somnyama Ngonyama questions the politics of race and representation through a series of bold, self-referential portraits.

Innovative Contributions

Championing new artistic voices is increasingly important. The Foam Paul Huf Award celebrates emerging talent within the photographic realm.

Imaginative Backdrops

Anna Lehmann-Brauns’ seemingly staged compositions, devoid of human presence, bridge the divide between reality and fiction.

Mundane Horizons

During a five year period spent travelling across Germany, Peter Bialobrzeski captured around 30,000 photographs.

Graphic Portraiture

Beetles + Huxley, London, surveys French photographer Valérie Belin’s continued engagement with the female form.

Communicating Inclusivity

Work by female practitioners makes up 3–5% of major collections. NMWA raises awareness through the #5womenartists campaign.

Resonant Structures

John Riddy captures modernity through architecture, using light to illustrate formal relationships within the built environment.

5 to See: This Weekend

The contemporary moment is defined by a deluge of images and information. Exhibitions running 10-11 February examine the theme of truth.

Cape Town Art Fair: Expanded Arenas

Cape Town Art Fair, celebrates the contributions of female artists, investigating the socio-political issues faced in both public and private arenas.

Meaningful Histories

The New North and South network comes to The Tetley, hosting the first UK-based exhibitions of two Pakistani artists, Madiha Aijaz and Mahbub Jokhio.

Iconic Monuments

FC Gundlach is one of the most eminent fashion photographers of the 20th century. Around the World in Fashion tracks his extensive travels.

The Hyperreal Present

PHOTOFAIRS San Francisco celebrates contemporary Chinese photography through a dedicated Spotlight exhibition.

Revelatory Portraits

Samuel Gratacap’s Plus Près tracks the stories of those affected by a major global phenomenon, attempting to grasp its reality and diversity.

Historical Narratives

Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto’s series craft a narrative that tracks a woman in search of inspiration.

Fluctuating Selfhood

In a complex world, approaches to the theme of representation are shifting. Curator Lucy Gallun discusses MoMA’s response: New Photography.

Uncanny Vistas

By bridging boundaries between the real and the imagined, Maia Flore offers an enhanced vision of the world.

Uncanny Cities

Luca Campigotto’s nocturnal photographs border on the hyperreal, capturing monumental sites of cultural importance.

Filmic Neighbourhoods

Todd Hido’s enigmatic images capture suburban houses, landscapes and female characters, offering a deeply cinematic viewing experience.

AIPAD: Visual Platforms

More than 100 of the world’s leading galleries come together this April for The Photography Show, taking place at the huge Pier 94 venue in New York.

Remastered Translations

An exhibition at Kunsthalle Krems, Austria, foregrounds artists who practice the art of appropriation.