Body I Am, Alison Jacques Gallery, London

Feminist thought was prevalent throughout the early 1970s. In the men’s club of the art world, Birgit Jürgenssen, Ana Mendieta, and Hannah Wilke all developed a strong female voice.

Kiss Me Deadly, Paradise Row Gallery, London

Kiss Me Deadly is the title given to a new group exhibition that has recently opened at Paradise Row. The exhibition, organised over two floors, explores the themes and moods of the film noir genre.

Aleksandras Macijauskas & Rimaldas Vikšraitis: Borderliners, Cardiff

Ffotogallery open Borderliners on 16 February, which is an exciting exhibition featuring two outstanding Lithuanian photographers: Aleksandras Macijauskas and Rimaldas Vikšraitis.

Review of ECM: A Cultural Archaeology, Haus der Kunst

Munich’s commanding Haus der Kunst provided a suitably grand backdrop for the recent, admirably comprehensive survey of ECM Records’ trailblazing work over the past 44 years.

Aesthetica Art Prize Interview: Photographer D. Bryon Darby

We catch up with longlisted Art Prize photographer D. Bryon Darby, whose work investigates perceptions of place as mediated through technology, photography, and personal experience.

Interview with Marco Sanges

Marco Sanges shoots a cinematic world of dreams and drama. Exhibited worldwide, Sange’s clients include Agent Provocateur, Vogue, Sunday Telegraph, Photo, Katalog, Dolce&Gabbana and Eyemazing.

On Creating Reality by Andy Kaufman, Maccarone Gallery

Andy Kaufman was one of those mercurial types that we commonly refer to as a ‘genius’. This is owing to his ability to realise, beyond human experience, a new way to practice his craft.

Review of Gaiety is the Most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union, London

Saatchi’s Gaiety is the Most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union is a broad anthology of Russia’s contemporary cultural offerings. Lightness, is an element scarcely present within this latest show.

Interview with Photographer and Artist Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley presents his stunning photographs from his Night for Night series in Aesthetica Issue 51. His largescale video installation, Skyward, is currently on show at Pierogi’s The Boiler.

Degrees of Uncertainty

Concerned with observing the world, Kevin Cooley captures a profound and intense mood through his treatment of light, colour and object.

Life Through the Lens

Full of flamboyant personality, Garry Winogrand was famed for his street shots of everybody from businessmen to hippies, animals and celebrities.

Interior Dialogues

Michael Eastman has spent time in Havana, Paris, Rome and New Orleans, recording in minute detail the distinctive features of each place.

Thomas Zanon-Larcher

Photographer Thomas Zanon-Larcher blends aspects of film, performance and storytelling in his images, questioning ideals of beauty propounded by fashion.

Aesthetica Art Prize Interview: Damien O’Mara

We spend some time with shortlisted artist, Damien O’Mara. The photographer will be exhibiting The Trespasser, which depicts suited men in places that are “off-limits” to people in corporate roles.

Review of Juergen Teller: Woo! London

Juergen Teller’s Woo! is a showcase of the greatest work from Teller’s longstanding, unwavering career. One of the most recognisable about his work is his ability to portray subjects entirely stripped back.

Universal Language

Partners in work and in life, Marquis Montes create enigmatic works that draw on many cultural references. Through dramatic staging and invigorating styling, their work captivates the imagination.

Review of Klein + Moriyama

It might be considered to be a curatorial risk to combine the works of William Klein and Daidō Moriyama in two mellifluous exhibitions, as they are both important and vivacious artists of our time.

Aesthetica Art Prize Interview: Mary Humphrey

Aesthetica Art Prize artist Mary Humphrey’s Roma : Transylvania narrates the experiences that she encountered whilst photographing Roma families living on the outskirts of a Transylvanian village.

London Art Fair Review

The London Art Fair ran for five days from 16 January until 20 January. Among this year’s participating galleries were The Fine Art Society, Charlie Smith London, and Union Gallery.

Interview with Photographer Guillaume Simoneau

Guillaume Simoneau opens his solo show at CONTACT. An intimate portrayal of a U.S. Army Sergeant’s love life, he follows Caroline Annandale’s development between the ages of 16 and 25.