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The Unbuilt Environment

Photographer Andrew Moore’s oeuvre comprises evocative images of architectural landscapes in Cuba, Russia and Detroit.

Cultural Investigations

Anne Collier interrogates popular culture in order to investigate gender stereotypes, challenging outdated notions of female identity.

5 to See: This Weekend

The selection for 17-18 March celebrates the past, present and future of creative practice through performance, installation and images.

Elemental Influence

The Historic Dockyard Chatham hosts Powerful Tides: 400 years of Chatham and the Sea, an exhibition that showcases works inspired by water.

Miles Aldridge: Vivid Portraiture

Miles Aldridge collaborates with other creatives, building cinematic narratives that engage with image-making from all angles.

New Terrains

In advance of their first edition, which will take place at the end of March, Photo Macau hosts a curated agenda of exhibitions, installations and conferences.

Complex Precision

Dutch multidisciplinary artist Erwin Olaf investigates the contemporary landscape by constructing cinematic compositions.

Cultural Dynamics

Saudi artist Ahmed Mater (b.1979) has spent the last ten years photographing this surge in size of Mecca, currently on display at Brooklyn Museum.

Redefining the Archive

The rising popularity of documentary reflects a burgeoning desire to make sense of the world. An exhibition examines the genre’s history.

Undisclosed Locales

Gina Soden’s haunting images of abandoned structures uncover forgotten narratives, breathing life into desolate architectural forms.

Visual Activism

In producing Somnyama Ngonyama, Zanele Muholi took a self-portrait every day, documenting the injustices she witnessed in her everyday life.

Subjective Worlds

Daniel Shea is the winner of the 12th edition of The Foam Paul Huf Award. The work reflects on the urban landscape of late capitalism.

Luminescent Environments

For A Slight Shift at the Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, Paris, three artists employ manmade mediums to provide poetic interpretations of the landscape.

Translating Architecture

Bas Princen challenges how audiences perceive buildings in relation to their surroundings through a new exhibition at Vitra Design Museum.

Intimate Portrayals

Seydou Keïta was a portrait photographer who found fame late in life. His archive, brought to light in the early 1990s, facilitated international recognition.

5 to See: This Weekend

In an era of fake news, how can the individual decipher the true course of events? Exhibitions opening 10-11 March focus on narrative forms.

Literary Inspirations

Italo Calvino’s Le città invisibili is the inspiration behind Invisible Cities: Architecture of the Line at Waddington Custot, London.

5 to See: International Women’s Day

Marking the continued journey to establish gender equality, global and cultural institutions celebrate International Women’s Day.

Photographer Profile: Julian D’Arcy

The work of Irish photographer Julian D’Arcy is endowed with mesmerising formal qualities; each image transforms ordinary sites in golden planes.

Accountable Photography

National Gallery of Art, Washington, showcases the works of Sally Mann as she explores communicative landscapes and sombre subject matters.

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