Fleeting Moments

Monty Kaplan fluctuate between different modes of working. Colour is rendered as an emotive backdrop, carrying a sense of joy and woeful nostalgia.

Elevated Palettes

Gianfilipo di Rossi finds precision and inspiration in the composition of the city’s architecture, with works that are a harmonious exertion of form.

Meditative Sandscapes

Since 2011, Luca Tombolini has been drum scanning and printing on large scale prints, creating real-life scenes taken from long solo trips in remote areas.

Subtle Nuances

Finding beauty in simplicity, Branko Goncalves finds inspiration within the digital realm and building upon everyday image-making as a reflective medium. 

Summer Tones

Inspired by femininity, summer vibes and tropical motifs, Adrienne Raquel’s work is playful and vibrant whilst communicating a sense of hazy nostalgia.

Urban Iconographies

Natalie Christensen’s 25-year career as a psychotherapist informs her practice as an artist; each image reflects deeper conceptual thoughts.

Serene Minimalism

Living in a village by the sea near Lisbon, Tesera Freitas started out as a designer with a camera. Her works offers a place where fantasy meet aesthetics.

Evoking Memories

Conjuring a bygone spirit of Americana, Phil Donohue’s works reflect a sense of stippling anonymity and recession on Route 66.

American Symbolism

Dino Kuznik’s images offer a psychological plane of reflection and organisation, which rely on simplicity, and at times, humour.

Celebrating Simplicity

Jon Setter’s images feature geometric fragments, eradicating all structural complexities and conveying a simplified, poetic expression of surrounding spaces.

Mesmerising Skylines

Focusing on hazy, in-between spaces, Andria Darius Pancrazi’s works blend between light and darkness through pastel skylines and clean structures.

Bold Co-ordination

With a bold and undeterred vision, Kesley McClellan and Michelle Maguire’s series pairs colour-coded styling with icons of fast-food Americana.