Iris Della Roca, The Little Black Gallery, London

The first major UK solo show of French photographer, Iris Della Roca, comprises a selection of prints taken throughout her six-year transatlantic series, which sees children born into poverty transform their lives through the lens of the camera.

Review of Sarah Gillespie: A Love as Old as Water, Beaux Arts, London

There is a tension in Sarah Gillespie’s work between an otherworldly stillness and the innate energy of nature. Landscapes, birds and insects are captured with a sense of detail that arrests the passing of time.

Review of Dorothy Annan and Trevor Tennant, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

Housed within the Henry Moore Institute the visitor finds a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the interlacing professional practices of Dorothy Annan (1908-83) and Trevor Tennant (1908-80).

Review of India Art Fair

Unlike many juried art fairs in the West led by a committee that evaluates the quality of work being displayed, the India Art Fair has been indiscriminately open to galleries across the globe.

Isabelle Cornaro, Paysage avec poussin, South London Gallery, London

In a major two-part solo exhibition at South London Gallery and Spike Island, French artist Isabelle Cornaro presents a series of installations which explore the cultural heritage attached to objects.

Mary Ramsden: Swipe, Pilar Corrias, London

For her second solo exhibition, Mary Ramsden has created new abstract compositions that embed the tension between action and redaction, noise and quiet, attraction and repulsion.

Review of Julio Le Parc, Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Julio Le Parc’s solo show at Palais de Tokyo in Paris in 2013 was a blockbuster that the French capital will remember for a long time. Now, the artist presents his first major UK exhibition in London.

Jason Rhoades, Four Roads, BALTIC, Gateshead

A student of Paul McCarthy, Jason Rhoades lived and worked in Los Angeles and built what he claimed was the world’s largest sculpture at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Germany in 1999.

The Other Art Fair 2015

Now in its eighth edition, the UK’s leading artist fair, The Other Art Fair, opens on 23 April at its new location in Bloomsbury, London.

Lynda Benglis, The Hepworth Wakefield, Wakefield

Starting on 6 February, The Hepworth Wakefield presents the greatly anticipated show and first museum survey of Lynda Benglis’ work in the UK, spanning the entirety of her impressive career.

Ken Schles: Night Walk/Invisible City, 1983-1989, Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

Ken Schles has been making photographic books for over a quarter of a century. Now, his portrayal of his own home shows in 40 black and white photographs a gritty and penetrating view of 1980s New York.

Review of Drawn by Light, Media Space, The Science Museum, London

Drawn By Light at the Science Museum’s Media Centre, London, showcases the extraordinary breadth of the Royal Photography Society’s collections, both historical and contemporary.

Human Nature, Flowers Gallery, London

Three photographers, Nadav Kander, Boomon and Mona Kuhn, explore a complex and personal relationship between mankind and the landscape, reflecting upon our connection with, and impact on, the surrounding environment.

Chu Enoki: Enoki Chu, White Rainbow, London

Chu Enoki presents his performance pieces of the 1970s, photographic works, exquisite, previously unseen drawings and his later sculptural works made with deactivated guns and cannons.

Fashion Abstraction

Viviane Sassen’s vibrant colours combine with abstract shapes and contorted lighting to create a surreal landscape where down is up, bodies turn green and nothing is quite what it seems. Born in Amsterdam, Sassen spent seven years studying fine art, photography and fashion design.

Geometric Architecture

Matthias Heiderich explores urban environments, finding surprising angles and colours within cityscapes. His shots are framed in a distinct way, focusing on corners, sides and small sections of buildings. Consequently, he does not just record what he sees; rather he transforms the ordinary into dream-like spaces that suggest a futuristic universe.

Eclectic Inspiration

A new exhibition at Mode Museum, Antwerp, curated by Dries van Noten, encompasses his wide-ranging influences in an intimate exploration of the designer’s creative process.

Globalised Landscapes

Working in both photography and filmmaking, Robert Harding Pittman questions the difference between what is deemed to be nature and what is natural. Through his image-work he considers the contrast between manmade constructions and organic growth, exploring whether humanity controls and interrupts evolution or is just part of the process.

Liberating Constructions

Architecture of Independence, a new exhibition at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany, explores the boom in modernist architecture in Africa following independence in the 1950s and 1960s.

Materialising the Digital Era

Douglas Coupland explores the collective consciousness of the 21st century through Lego works, readymades, bric-a-brac and an enormous public work, coated in chewing gum.