Fluid Presences

Alice Zoo’s Swimmers series takes a documentary approach, considering the intimacy of the lens. Part of The Next Generation 2018.

Intimate Portraits

Maria Moreira’s series uses self-portraiture and environments to explore the notion of the individual. As part of the Next Generation 2018.

Issue 85 Available Now

Curiosity is the fuel for innovation and creativity is the ignition for invention. The October / November issue, Making An Impact, is a celebration of ideas.

5 to See: This Weekend

Shows opening at the end of September examine the nature of photography in an increasingly digital landscape, looking to ideas of authenticity.

Cultural Anthropology

Reconsidering humanity’s place within a complex, media-saturated and accelerating world through the presence of contemporary image-making.

Shifting Perceptions

Olafur Eliasson connects art, architecture, installation and design,  dismantling the presence of physical and cultural barriers in the process.

Networks of the World

Contemporary Chinese artists demonstrate a consideration of censorship in the wider industry, offering figurative and metaphorical messages.

Digital Possibilities

A self-taught 3D artist, Alexis Christodoulou has spent years building a collection of works that focuses on the creation of imaginary architecture.

Expansive Practice

An exhibition of works by Bruce Nauman at MoMA investigates timely ideas of truth and fiction through neon, video, sculpture and more.

Visual Repetition

Intrigued by the structures which define the everyday experience,  Basir Mahmood explores themes of labour, hierarchy and identity.

National Responses

Reflecting on geopolitical events, Brighton Photo Biennial 2018 demonstrates the power of lens-based media to construct ideas of identity.

Success Story: Caroline Burraway

Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Caroline Burraway is announced as the first Prize-winner of the 2018 Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize.

5 Female Fashion Designers

This selection of female-led fashion brands paves the way for the future of an ever-growing industry, responding to key 21st century issues.

Anonymous Figures

Agnes Wonke Toth’s Hide and Seek series explores hidden bodies and the intimate nature of humanity. Part of the 2018 Next Generation of Talent.

Imaginary Landscapes

Douglas Mandry’s Equivalences bridges the boundary between analogue and digital techniques, creating images awash with colour.

Curatorial Insights

Now in its 10th year, The Manchester Contemporary takes a uniquely artist-focused approach. Aesthetica interviews Nathaniel Pitt, Curator.

Spatial Experimentation

Questioning notions of perception, Space Shifters at Hayward Gallery, London, offers a playful and immersive experience through 20 practitioners.

Reimagined Language

As we enter the final week of the Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition, prize-winner Electra Lyhne-Gold discusses her practice and highlights.

Video Profile: Donghwan Ko

Donghwan Ko lives and works between London and Seoul, exploring notions of home and the spaces inbetween.

Expanding Definitions

An exhibition explores Israel’s cultural history through clothing, offering dialogues about tradition and modernity across 200 years of work.