Contemporary Manipulations

American artist Matthew Adam Ross, based in Los Angeles and New York, considers his practice to be a line of enquiry. We speak with him to find out more.

Interdisciplinary Platforms

Minimal fashion brand COS announces the opening of a new London store and creative centre at Kings Cross, offering a new retail model.

Eliasson: Spatial Construction

A collection of Olafur Eliasson’s immersive, environmentally responsive works are on display at Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing.

Holzer: Lyrical Visions

For over four decades, Jenny Holzer’s impulse has been to investigate the authority of language. Tate Modern celebrate the poignancy of this intent.

Art Fairs to Attend in 2018

Aesthetica highlights five key art events opening in 2018, offering unique platforms for discovery, conversation and collaboration.

Semantics of the Home

Andrea Clarke is wholly interested in the spaces that surround us, questioning the confines that they offer and the anonymity attached to home.

10 Paintings from AAP

Be inspired by our selection of painters from previous editions of the Art Prize; form, line and colour push the boundaries of the medium.

5 Responsive Works from AAP

Artworks featured in the Aesthetica Art Prize reflect the world around us. These finalists engage with timely socio-political issues.

5 to See: This Weekend

Moving into August, this week’s top exhibitions reflect upon life in cities around the world through bold photography and installation.

Last Chance to See: AAP 2018

Technology is the signifier of our times, with people checking smartphones every 12 minutes. The 2018 Aesthetica Art Prize responds to this.

Making Global Connections

Curated by the Michael Reid Gallery in Berlin, the Australian Embassy in Paris showcases 22 leading figures in contemporary photography.

10 to See: Unseen Amsterdam

Unseen Amsterdam highlights the latest developments in fine art photography. Aesthetica collates a list of 2018’s must-see artists.

Changing Perspectives

Considering the broad scale of materials available today,  a collection of innovative projects delves into the wider potential of 21st century production.

National Construction

Photographs of the country’s interior and exterior structures provide thought-provoking insights into a society built upon fairyland aesthetics.

Aesthetica Issue 84 Available Now

The August / September edition, Global Initiatives, looks at sustainable ways of living across range of disciplines, documenting the human story.

Collaborative Existence

La Fondation Louis Vuitton pulls together art from across the globe to highlight connections between human beings and the planet.

Post-Production in the Arts

We live in a world that’s increasingly edited, cropped and filtered. Royal College of Art’s Nicola Koller, Matteo Mastandrea and Thomas Greenall discuss.

Digital Connections

Inspired by nature, innovative design collective Studio Drift presents Franchise Freedom, a flying sculpture comprising 300 luminous drones.

The Urban Vernacular

Capturing the everyday landscape, Vishal Marapon’s images connect with changing cities and the material effects of gentrification and development.

10 Sculptures from AAP

During the last month of submissions, the Aesthetica Art Prize collates 10 sculptors from past editions, foregrounding imaginative responses.