A Scientific Influence

Luke Evans discovered photography through a long-term interest in physics and organic sciences – which has later fed into deeply calculative images.

Vivid Expressions

Patricia Abramovich’s paintings, textile design and wearable art are inspired by the merging of colour and the rhythms of a meditative process of painting.

5 to See: This Weekend

International awards, photography festivals and solo shows looks to national and personal identities through photography and architecture.

Reinventing Classicism

Dubai-based fair Downtown Design returns for 2018, celebrating contemporary ranges by brands from the Middle East and beyond.

Personal Reflections

Hannah Perry’s works – on view at Somerset House – engage with the poignant human experience of loss through a range of disciplines.

Desolate Environments

Henri Prestes is a Portuguese cinematographer and photographer based in southern Europe. The Perfect Darkness series was shot in isolated villages.

5 Museum Buildings

Striking, innovative and conceptually rich, this selection of cultural institutions combines form and function to offer dynamic settings.

Interior Narratives

A new series by Marietta Varga engages with feelings of absence and nostalgia, looking to vacant interior spaces for inspiration.

An Influential Collection

Between Art & Fashion at Helmut Newton Foundation paints a picture of a life spent living at the intersection of fine art and high fashion.

Bold Architecture

A new publication from Phaidon offers a groundbreaking survey of the colour red in the built environment through bright imagery.

Information Systems

2016 Aesthetica Art Prize winner Rachel Ara presents a talk on her practice, V&A residency research and response to the museum’s data.

5 to See: This Weekend

Moving into October, selected shows expand the boundaries of art and photography to address wider social, political and psychological questions.

Nostalgic Landscapes

Vignettes of a Salesman by Ole Marius Jørgensen tracks the fictional journey of a lone wanderer across mysterious topographies.

Evocative Settings

A new series by Michael McCluskey presents domestic settings at dawn and dusk, exploring notions of loss through a striking use of light.

5 to Read: This Month

October’s selection of must-read publications looks to the history of photography, architecture and design, celebrating a range of movements.

ING Discerning Eye: Visionary Painting

The ING Discerning Eye showcases works by emerging and established artists across a range of media. Francesca Blomfield is part of the show.

Immersive Environments

Water is a scarce and important resource in today’s globalised world. An installation draws attention to its power as a force of nature.

10 to See: October 2018

From seminal architecture to experimental photography, exhibitions open this autumn explore the breadth of human experience.

Ecological Relationships

A collaborative project between photographer Jeroen Toirkens and journalist  Brandt Corstius reminds us of our place within the wider world.

American Narratives

Ed Ruscha’s groundbreaking artist books surprised the art world. A show uncovers his creative process – from conception to publication.