Idealistic Surroundings

With a keen attention to textural detail, Elise Mesner finds unexpected dimensions and translates everyday scenery into a halcyon summer.

Vibrant Anonymity

Eric Dufour’s practice is based upon the desire to evoke a variety of emotions and concepts through compositions devoid of unnecessary content.

Cultural Assertion

Isaac Julien, Wangechi Mutu and Chris Ofili feature in the Heatherwick Studio-designed Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa’s opening displays.

Illusory Enterprise

The third edition of Foto / Industria biennial looks at the wider effects of industrialisation and global development through contemporary photographers.

Abstract Iconography

Over the past four years, Hayley Eichenbaum has documented the remnants of Route 66, resulting in the pop-coloured The Mother Road series.

Emotive Subjectivity

Images from Benoit Paillé’s (b. 1984) Visions series consider artifice and natural life in juxtaposition, creating a dialogue with the landscape.

Unbound Agency

London’s Fashion and Textile Museum celebrates both old and new styles with a retrospective of Louise Dahl-Wolfe.

Temporal Visualisation

Delivering Flowers to Grandpa Jack, reflects upon Kovi Konowiecki’s home town, documenting people and places that create a sense of belonging.

Cultural Translation

Michelle Maguire and Kelsey McClellan translate the act of dining and fast-food iconography of Americana into innovative and visually satisfying compositions.

Material Playgrounds

Metz + Racine specialise in still life photography and moving image. Fashion, interior design and fine art come together in an expansive mix of kinetic energy.

Collective Landscape

A new book from Phaidon highlights contemporary structural theory through celebrated buildings that make use of space as a social connective.

5 to See: This Weekend

30 September – 1 October. These unique shows utilise the constraints of two and three-dimensional forms in order to recreate sensory experiences.

Developing Synergies

Foam Talent and Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation have decided to create a partnership under the banner of the Foam Talent programme.

Shadow Play

Shadow Lines reflects on Jeanloup Sieff as an artist who challenges the limits of wide-lens & black & white photography to achieve a cinematic aesthetic.

Contemporary Diversity

The second edition of the Biennial of Photography in the Contemporary Arab World focuses on two countries in the Maghrib: Tunisia and Algeria.

Neo-Realistic Landscapes

Fashion and fine art embrace each other in the photography of Jacques Olivar, where the mise-en-scene often subtly references literature and film.

Sculptural Articulations

Viviane Sassen’s celebrated exhibition UMBRA comes to Fotografiska, Stockholm, following its success at the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

Revolving Sustainability

With climate change and the political and economic consequences that follow from environmental disaster increasingly becoming the dominant issue of our age, new solutions are…

Juxtaposed Constructs

Andrea Grützner wins the ING Unseen Talent Award Jury Prize. Her work addresses how architecture acts as a metaphor for orientation or alienation.

Composed Ambience

Axel Hütte’s imagery, taken on various continents, surprises viewers with pictorial structures that place his work beyond the documentary.