Imaginative Enterprise

The programme to mark the 50th anniversary of MCA Chicago makes a bold declaration that art has the power to change our perceptions of the world.

Parallel Civilisations

The Drift, by London and Beirut-based artist Maeve Bren­nan follows the stories of a handful of in­habitants of modern-day Lebanon.

Emotional Nationhood

Finland’s Backlight Photo Festival marks its 30th anniversary and 100 years of independence with a touring exhibition of seven Finnish artists.

Monumental Change

NGV explores how art and design engaged with forces of change, creating new ap­proaches such as abstraction, surrealism and expression­ism.

Meticulous Narratives

Peter Hujar: Speed of Life includes over 100 vintage photographs made by Hujar between the mid-1950s and his death.

Impressionistic Filmmaking

The dream-like filmmaking of Kahlil Joseph gets its first solo presentation in New York, including a new black and white piece inspired by Roy DeCarava.

Fabricated Lineage

Chantelle Exley’s You or Your Memory was displayed as part of York St. John’s True North exhibition, an end of year show that celebrated emerging talent.

Pioneering Design

The 15th edition of the London Design Festival returns to prestigious venues and cultural institutions across the city.

Documenting Humanity

Bruce Davidson is best known for documenting the civil rights movement in the US throughout the 1960s, His work is at Fotomuseum, Rotterdam.

Ethereal Installations

Chiharu Shiota’s first solo retrospective in the Netherlands offers insight into the human condition and universal experiences.

Stimulating Civilisations

1:54 Contemporary African Art fair has announced its fifth edition. It has become one of the pioneering institutions to engage with transnational audiences.

Illusory Journeys

Christian Tagliavini’s Voyages Extraordinaires reimagines Jules Verne’s novels. The series is on display as part of Clervaux – Cité de l’Image.

Narratives of Displacement

As part of IWM’s wider season Syria: A Conflict Explored, the gallery offers A Lens on Syria, the first UK exhibition by Sergey Ponomarev.

Expression Reformed

Is Fashion Modern? The title question of MoMA’s upcoming exhibition deals with a holistic exploration of design, charting fluidity and idealistic visionaries.

Reflective Contemporaries

Sascha Weidner’s images delve deeply into the 21st century Anthropocene, presenting alternative realities that run seamlessly with our own.

Conceptualised Movements

For the latest retrospective of Marina Abramović, the Louisiana takes up the challenge of approaching this major figure by considering the theme of cleansing.

Graphic Consideration

Emmanuelle Moureaux’s latest project, Creche Ropponmatsu Kindergarten, Fukuoka, further develops her explorations of colour.

Revealing Common Humanity

With strident voices of protectionism and nationalism, the images of Fazal Sheikh offer a corrective to a climate of fear and distrust.

Multi-disciplinary Environments

Join AAP shortlisted artists Webb-Ellis as they discuss the notion of multiple worlds achieved through documentary, performance and video.

Hyper-real Perspectives

Kate Ballis’s Infra Realism sits in the mysterious realm between reality and the surreal. Residing in a lucid dreamscape, it is familiar yet subversive.