Uncanny Constructions

Exploring the timely boundary between truth and fiction, Thomas Wrede’s works offer a surreal reflection on the fidelity of photography.

Moving into Architecture

Fjordenhus, the first building realised by Olafur Eliasson and his architectural team, builds on a socially and conceptually responsive practice.

Visualising Systems

Mary Mattingly looks into the wider effects of mining and chemical cultivation, investigating supply chains through a critical approach.

Bold Observations

Combining strong geometric patterns, clean lines and bold colours, Leonardo Pucci’s body of work, documents the urban landscape.

Unreal Sequences

Chris Dorley-Brown’s hyperreal works capture the breadth of contemporary experience, documenting street corners in East London.

Urban Landscapes

Museum of London brings together portraiture, documentary, conceptual photography and film to draw a striking portrait of the nocturnal city.

An Inspirational Journey

Emily Shur’s Super Extra Natural!, documents the American photographer’s time in Japan, offering personal reflections on a unique landscape.

Indelible Traces

Mark Ruwedel’s work demonstrates how geological, historical and political events have shaped the natural landscape.

New Artists: May 2018

This month’s selection of practitioners delves into the changing nature of photography and the democratisation of the landscape.

Exploring Performativity

Cindy Sherman is one of the most influential figures in contemporary art. A new body of work is inspired by 1920s Hollywood cinema.

5 to See: This Weekend

How can photography make sense of the world? Shows running 2-3 June demonstrate the ways practitioners are engaging with timely ideas.

Capturing Individuality

Fashion photographer Gösta Peterson combined styled compositions with spontaneity, foregrounding the individuality of each subject.

Altered Geology

Landscapes After Ruskin at Grey Art Gallery, New York, explores how practitioners are making sense of the changing environment.

Aesthetica Issue 83 Available Now

The June / July edition of Aesthetica is available now. Issue 83, A New Way of Seeing, considers the intersection between the created and the real.

Turrell: Infinite Vistas

Technological advances have altered our conception of space. James Turrell questions notions of materiality and physical location.

New Approaches

Marking a departure from self representation, new works by Elina Brotherus offer a playful, performative approach inspired by Fluxus.

Stylised Composition

Works by Erwin Olaf address social issues, taboos and conventions through a highly curated approach, offering stylised visuals.

Conscious Environments

Elena Mora offers an intriguing perspective on how set design can create an interdisciplinary stage for idea creation and collective aspiration.

Reshaping Urbanity

Anarchitect, a retrospective of Gordon Matta-Clark’s short but incendiary career, is currently on show at Jeu de Paume, Paris.

Responsive Art Forms

The 21st Biennale of Sydney engages with communities around the globe, addressing timely themes of relocation and globalisation.