Unreliable Interpretations

In the digital age, meaning becomes relative. Works on display at Smithsonian reflect the power of photographs to shape narratives

Tangible Illumination

A new exhibition showcases Anthony McCall’s light installations, creating forms which are at once volumetric and ephemeral.

Contemporary Rebalance

In 2016, a “World’s Top 100 Artists” list included only 22 women. London Art Fair addresses issues of representation through Dialogues.

Expansive Vistas

A retrospective tracks the career of Balthasar Burkhard, an artist who transforms two-dimensional images into monumental pieces.

Urban Wilderness

The average American spends 93% of their life indoors. Lucas Foglia investigates the relationship between society and nature.

Recurring Voyages

Liverpool is undergoing a period of urban transformation. Tom Wood commemorates an integral part of the community’s quotidian.

Unassuming Explorations

Stephen Shore’s Uncommon Places traverses the American vernacular landscape with an objective eye.

Mundane Curiosity

Swiss photographer Willy Spiller’s chronicles of life in L.A and New York foreground the absurdity of the quotidian.

Complex Overtones

Chou Ching Hui’s unflinching satirical eye is key to the success of a series compositions, providing an alternate view of reality.

Erwitt: An Influential Journey

In 1951, Elliot Erwitt was drafted into the US Army. Carrying a Leica camera, the practitioner began crafting an enduring legacy.

5 to See: This Weekend

Structures define the everyday human experience. The selection for 6-7 December examines the varied manifestations of the term.

Nocturnal Reflections

In Ivan Mikhailov’s city, rockets are reinvented for use in children’s playgrounds. The disused icons are a subject for an exhibition.

Final Beginnings

Guggenheim’s Art and China after 1989 brings together works which define contemporary Chinese experience in universal terms.

Fictitious Immersion

Lori Nix / Kathleen Gerber creates fictional urban landscapes that function as dystopias and alternate histories.

Creative Forces

Following a two-year redevelopment project, Kettle’s Yard brings together 38 diverse practitioners for its opening exhibition.

Artists’ Directory: Video Profile

Michael Wagner focuses on the concepts of identity and celebrity, with each piece exploring the allure of the person behind the composition.

Commercial Facades

Alex Da Corte: Harvest Moon is the first in a series of new window installations at New Museum, New York.

Gursky: A Kaleidoscopic Vision

“I only pursue one goal: the encyclopedia of life.” Urban, global, local or commercial, a unique form of photography delves into the contemporary world.

Artists’ Directory: Video Profile

Yuko Mizobuchi is a Tokyo-based multimedia artist. She works primarily with permanent paint markers, watercolour ink, Japanese Sumi and carving on wood board.

Interactive Transformation

Light has the power to transform nocturnal landscapes and deliver unique messages. Lumiere London brings together such innovative artworks.