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Chronicling Societies

A new volume from Hatje Cantz brings together visual essays exploring the cultural and social landscape of Berlin.

New Architectural Heritage

Two new projects from Christ and Gantenbein add to Switzerland’s landscape with an appealing mix of structural assurance and environmental sensibility.

Subtle Nuances

Finding beauty in simplicity, Branko Goncalves finds inspiration within the digital realm and building upon everyday image-making as a reflective medium. 

5 to See: This Weekend

The contemporary moment is defined by a deluge of images and information. Exhibitions running 10-11 February examine the theme of truth.

Summer Tones

Inspired by femininity, summer vibes and tropical motifs, Adrienne Raquel’s work is playful and vibrant whilst communicating a sense of hazy nostalgia.

Evolving Structures

Space and Photography revitalises the discussion of how social-political events impacted architecture, embracing varying time periods and geographies.

Geometric Symmetry

A new release from Hatje Cantz documents the installation of Fred Sandback’s sculptures at Casa Estudio Luis Barragán, Mexico.

Enduring Construction

Sigrid Neubert’s work depicts the formal structures and surfaces of the built environment with a unique focus on contrast.

A Cultural Institution

Opening in May 2018, the Guardian Art Center (Beijing) is an intelligent hybrid space designed by award-winning architect Ole Scheeran.

Architectural Regeneration

A major redevelopment of National Portrait Gallery, London, is undertaken by Jamie Fobert Architects.

Natural Consideration

For contemporary architects, water is a complex tool through which one can sculpt and re-imagine domestic structures within organic environments.

Aesthetica Issue 81 Available Now

The new issue, Beyond the Horizon, pays homage to the power of the individual, demonstrating how what makes us special is our ability to innovate.

Cultural Perspectives

A new book published by Prestel delves into the recontextualisation of images, considering how photography creates layers of understanding.

Urban Iconographies

Natalie Christensen’s 25-year career as a psychotherapist informs her practice as an artist; each image reflects deeper conceptual thoughts.

Cultural Synthesis

Büro Ole Scheeren’s Guardian Art Centre, Beijing, is an hybrid institution that combines culture with public functions.

Serene Minimalism

Living in a village by the sea near Lisbon, Tesera Freitas started out as a designer with a camera. Her works offers a place where fantasy meet aesthetics.

Creative Regeneration

KAAN Architecten’s vision aim sto combine existing structures with a fresh, contemporary layer dedicated to the creative industry.

Iconic Geometry

A collection of Sean Scully’s abstract paintings form the first exhibition to take place in Luis Barragán’s Cuadra San Cristóbal.

Alternative Modernism

Hatje Cantz’s new publication celebrates architect and designer Lina Bo Bardi’s 100th anniversary,

Interrelated Spheres

Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, examines the changing notion of space through its representation in photography.

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